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Marine Fish Species

In this section of the site you'll find information about how to keep a number of saltwater fish in aquariums. You can browse our marine fish profiles either by scientific name or by common name. Choose a species from the list below or click on a letter to see only species beginning with that letter.

Marine fish species by scientific name:

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Marine fish species by common name:

[ A |  B |  C |  D |  E |  F |  G |  H |  I |  J |  K |  L |  M |  N ]
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List of marine fish profiles by Common name:

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African Flameback
Axelrods clown blenny
Axilspot Hogfish


Bandfin cardinalfish
Banggai cardinal fish
Bicolor Angelfish
Bicolor blenny
Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish
Bigeye cardinalfish
Bignose unicornfish
Blackcap Gramma
Blackfin Hogfish
Blackfinned Clownfish
Black Striped Angelfish
Black triggerfish
Blackbar triggerfish
Blackbelly triggerfish
Blackstripe cardinalfish
Black Velvet Angelfish
Blackspot Angelfish
Blacktail Angelfish
Blue Angelfish
Blueface Angelfish
Bluehead Fairy Wrasse
Blue tang surgeonfish
Cherub AngelfishBluespotted Angelfish
Bluespotted triggerfish
Bluethroat triggerfish
Boomerang triggerfish
Brazilian Gramma
Bridled cardinalfish
Brown Combtooth Blenny
Brown surgeonfish


Cherub Angelfish
Chestnut eyelash blenny
Chevron tang
Chinese trumpetfish
Chocolate surgeonfish
Cinnamon Clownfish
Clarkii Clownfish
Clown triggerfish
Cockatoo waspfish
Comical blenny
Convict surgeonfish
Convict surgeonfish (Desc 2)
Cook's cardinalfish
Coral Beauty
Coral Hogfish
Coral Rabbitfish
Cortez Angelfish
Cuban Hogfish


Desjardin's sailfin tang
Doederlein's cardinalfish
Dog toothed cardinalfish
Doubleband surgeonfish
Drab sole


Eight Lined Wrasse
Elongate surgeonfish
Emperor Angelfish
Eyestriped surgeonfish
Exquisite Fairy Wrasse


False cleanerfish
Finescale triggerfish
Finespotted Fairy Wrasse
Five-lined cardinalfish
Flame Angelfish
Foxface Rabbitfish
French Angelfish


Gilded triggerfish
Golden Angelfish
Goldspotted Rabbitfish
Gray Angelfish
Gray unicornfish
Great Barrier Reef blenny
Green Chromis
Grey triggerfish


Halfback Angelfish
Halfmoon picassofish
Halfmoon triggerfish
Hartzfeld's cardinalfish
Humpback unicornfish


Indian triggerfish
Iridescent cardinalfish


Japanese surgeonfish


Keyhole Angelfish
Korean Angelfish


Large toothed cardinalfish
Large-scale triggerfish
Lemonpeel Angelfish
Leopard blenny
Linear blenny
Lined sole
Live sharksucker
Longnose surgeonfish
Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
Lyretail Hogfish


Maroon Clownfish
Magnificent Rabbitfish
Masked Rabbitfish
Masked triggerfish
Majestic Angelfish
Mango Angelfish
Midnight Angelfish




Ocean surgeon
Ocean triggerfish
Ocellaris Clownfish
Ochre-striped cardinalfish
Onespot Foxface Rabbitfish
Orange Angelfish
Orange-lined triggerfish
Orange Skunk Anemonefish
Orangeside triggerfish
Orangespine unicornfish
Orbiculate cardinalfish
Ornate Wrasse


Painted frogfish
Pajama cardinalfish
Palette surgeonfish
Passer Angelfish
Percula Clownfish
Persian blenny
Picasso triggerfish
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Pinktail triggerfish
Potter's Angelfish
Purplemask angelfish


Queen Angelfish
Queen triggerfish
Queensland blenny


Red Sea mimic blenny
Redfin Fairy Wrasse
Redmargin Fairy Wrasse
Red-speckled blenny
Redtail triggerfish
Redtoothed triggerfish
Ring-tailed cardinalfish
Royal Gramma
Rock Beauty
Rusty Angelfish


Saddleback Clownfish
Saddleback Hogfish
Saddle Clownfish
Sailfin tang
Sargassum triggerfish
Scribbled Angelfish
Scott's Fairy Wrasse
Seale's cardinalfish
Shaggy angler
Sixbanded Angelfish
Skunk Clownfish
Sleek unicornfish
Sohal surgeonfish
Spanish Hogfish
Social Wrasse
Solor Fairy Wrasse
Spotted oceanic triggerfish
Spotted surgeonfish
Spotted tang
Spotted unicornfish - Naso brevirostris
Spotted unicornfish - Naso maculatus
Spotted Hogfish
Stone triggerfish
Striated frogfish
Striated surgeonfish
Striped triggerfish
Striped-fin surgeonfish


Talbot's blenny
Thompson's surgeonfish
Threadfin cardinalfish
Titan triggerfish
Tomato Clownfish
Tomini surgeonfish
Twospot surgeonfish
Twotone tang



Vermiculated Angelfish
Virgate Rabbitfish


Warty frogfish
Watanabe's Angelfish
Wedge-tail triggerfish
Whitetail Pygmy Angelfish
White jawed cardinalfish
Whitemargin unicornfish
Wolf Cardinalfish
Wolf eel
Wolf fish



Yellow tang
Yellow Angelfish
Yellowbar Angelfish
Yellow Hogfish
Yellow-spotted triggerfish
Yellowmargin triggerfish
Yellowstreaked Fairy Wrasse
Yellowstriped cardinalfish
Yellowtail surgeonfish
Yellow-tailed damsel
Yellowtail tang


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Marine Fish Species