Cockatoo waspfish - Ablabys taenionotus ockatoo waspfish Ablabys taenionotus
ockatoo wasp fish


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Cockatoo waspfish - Ablabys taenionotus

Species Name: Ablabys taenionotus

Synonyms: Paracentropogon longispinis, Apistus- taenianotus, Tetraroge taenionotus, Apistus- taenionotus, Amblyapistus taenionotus, Ambliapistus taenionotus, Amblyapistus taenianotus, Ablabys taenianotus, Ablabys binotatus, Tetrarogealboguttata

Common Names: Cockatoo waspfish

Family: Tetrarogidae (Wasp Fishes)

Order: Scorpaeniformes (Scorpionfishes and Flatheads)

Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned Fishes)

Max.Size: 15.0 cm / 5.9 inches

Environment: Marine-reef

Origin: Western Indian Ocean, Eastern, Northwest, Southwest and Western Central Pacific

Temperament: Relatively aggresive

Company: Ablabys taenionotus (Cockatoo waspfish) should not be kept with Sharks, Groupers, Frogfishes or Moray Eels. Keep in mind what kind of things they like to eat when choosing companions. Large and non-threatening tankmates are most suitable.

Aquarium Setup: Ablabys taenionotus (Cockatoo waspfish) need sand and sea grass beds. If they are kept in a small tank, especially one that is not long enough, they will be stunted in their growth. They might still survive, but they will not thrive. Water quality must be superb, since Cockatoo waspfish is a rather sensitive fish. Metals or organic dyes should only be applied in many smaller doses, never in a few large spikes.

Food: Ablabys taenionotus (Cockatoo waspfish) eat fish, crabs, polychaetes worms, shrimp, jellyfish and medusae. They also feed on each other in a cannibalistic way. They can be trained to accept dried carnivore food sticks and pellets. Feed 2-4 times a week or small amounts every day.

Breeding: We do not have any information regarding the breeding of Ablabys taenionotus (Cockatoo waspfish) in aquariums.

Cockatoo waspfish Picture
Cockatoo waspfish - Ablabys taenianotus. Copyright

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Cockatoo waspfish - Ablabys taenionotus