Striated frogfish - Antennarius striatus Striated frog fish Antennarius striatus
Striated frogfish


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Striated frogfish - Antennarius striatus

Species Name: Antennarius striatus

Synonyms: Antennarius striatus, Antennarius multiocellatus, Antennarius histrio, Lophius histrio, Lophius striatus, Phrynelox striatus, Antennarius commersoni, Lophius tricornis, Chironectes tricornis, Chironectes scaber, Antennarius scaber, Phrynelox scaber, Phrynelox tigris, Antennarius tridens, Phrynelox tridens, Chironectes tridens, Antennarius tigris, Chironectes Tigris, Antennarius tenebrosus, Lophius spectrum, Antennarius lacepedii, Antennarius pinniceps, Antennarius pinniceps, Antennarius melas, Phrynelox melas, Saccarius lineatus, Phrynelox nox, Antennarius campylacanthus, Phrynelox nuttingi, Antennarius nuttingii
Antennarius nuttingi, Antennarius nox, Antennarius teleplanus, Phrynelox atra, Antennarius cubensis, Phrynelox cunninghami, Antennarius cunninghami, Antennarius glauerti, Antennarius zebrinus, Antennarius atra, Antennarius fuliginosus, Triantennaus zebrinus, Phrynelox zebrinus, Antennarius delaisi, Antennarius occidentalis, Phrynelox lochites

Common Names: Striated frogfish

Family: Antennariidae (Frogfishes)

Order: Lophiiformes (Anglerfishes)

Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned Fishes)

Max.Size: 25.0 cm / 9.8 inches

Environment: Marine-reef, brackish

Origin: Western Central, Eastern Central, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast Atlantic. Western Central, Eastern Central, Northwest and Southwest Pacific Western and Eastern Indian Ocean

Temperament: Harmless

Company: Antennarius striatus (Striated frogfish) is not a suitable companion for small fishes.

Aquarium Setup: Try to somewhat resemble the natural environment of the Antennarius striatus (Striated frogfish). In the wild, this fish is usually found hidden among rubble and coral on a coral reef. Keep oxygen levels high and don’t allow the waste levels to rise.

Food: Antennarius striatus (Striated frogfish) hunt by using their illicium (line) and esca (lure) to lure prey into their mouth. They eat nekto, finfish and bonyfish. Provide your Striated frogfish with live foods, or train it to take fresh/dead food from a wiggled feeding stick.

Breeding: Their reproductive Mode is dioecism and fertilization is external. they are open water/substratum egg scatterer. We have no information about breeding this species in aquarium.

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Striated frogfish - Antennarius striatus