Albino Corydora -Corydora Aeneus Corydora Aeneus
Albino Corydora


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Albino Corydora - Corydora Aeneus

Species Name: Corydora Aeneus

Synonyms: Corydora Paleatus

Common Names: Albino Corydora

Family: Callichthyidae

Order: Siluriformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max Size: 3 inches (more common to see 2 inches in aquariums)

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: South American Amazon Region.

Temperament: Very peaceful in nature. 

Company: Preferably in schools of 3, but do best in schools of at least 6. They can be kept with any peaceful community fish.

Water Parameters: Low to high pH (~6.0-8.0), Low to moderate dH (5-19), Temperature of  74-82 (~24-28 C)

Aquarium Setup: Smooth substrate, with non jagged edges.

Feeding: C. Aeneus will feed upon any small bits of flake that fall to the bottom of the aquarium, some algaes, and their diet can be supplemented with sinking shrimp pellets.

Breeding: Eggs are lain, but are usually eaten soon after. If fry is desireable, the eggs should be removed and transferred to a separate tank/egg tumbler.

Note: Albino Corydoras are the albino morph of the bronze Corydora

Corydora Aeneus - Albino Corydora
Picture of Albino Cory - Corydora Aeneus.

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Albino Corydora - Corydora Aeneus