Sailfin Molly - Poecilia latipinna Poecilia latipinna
Sailfin Molly


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Sailfin Molly - Poecilia latipinna

Species name: Poecilia latipinna

Synonym: Limia matamorensis, Limia poeciloides, Mollienesia latipinna, Mollienisia latipinna, Poecilia lineolata, Poecilia multilineata

Common Names: Sailfin Molly

Family: Poeciliidae (Poeciliids)

Order: Cyprinodontiformes (rivulines, killifishes and live bearers)

Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

Max. size: 15 cm / 6 inches

Environment: freshwater; brackish waters

Origin: North America, Cape Fear drainage in North Carolina, USA to Veracruz, Mexico.

Temperament: non aggressive.

Company: Can be kept with other non aggressive species.

Water parameters: pH 7.0-8.0, temperature 20-28°C / 68 - 82° F

Aquarium setup: Best kept in planted tanks with enough free space too swim on. Provide hiding places for pregnant females.The fish likes slightly brackish waters.

Feeding: Accepts all kinds of food. Provide vegetables as a part of their diet.

Breeding: Livebearer. Females give birth to fry after about two months gestation. For more productive breeding isolate pregnant females and return them once fry is born.

Other: Black mollys can be kept in the same way.

Sailfin Molly - poecilia latipinna female picture
Picture of female Sailfin Molly - Poecilia latipinna. Copyright

male poecilia latipinna - Sailfin Molly picture
Poecilia latipinna - Sailfin Molly male. Copyright

another male poecilia latipinna - Sailfin Molly
Another Poecilia latipinna - Sailfin Molly male. Copyright

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Sailfin Molly - Poecilia latipinna