Spotted Cachorro - Acestrorhynchus falcatus Acestrorhynchus falcatus
Spotted Cachorro


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Spotted Cachorro - Acestrorhynchus falcatus

Species name: Acestrorhynchus falcatus

Synonym: Salmo falcatus

Common name: Spotted Cachorro

Family: Characidae

Order: Characins

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 25,4 cm / 10 inches

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: South America

Temperament: Aggressive.

Company: Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro) is best kept with other fishes of the same size and temperament.

Water parameters: Temperature 24-28°C / 75-82°F; pH 6.0 – 7.5

Aquarium setup: Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro) requires a large aquarium due to their size. The aquarium should be kept well filtered and well circulated. This species will not thrive unless the water is kept clean. They also preferred oxygenated water and an air pump is strongly recommended for Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro). The aquarium should be well cycled when introducing this species since it’s very sensitive to changes to water changes. Decorate the aquarium after taste but make sure there are hiding places for the fishes.

Feeding: Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro) often only accept other live fish as food source. The feeder fish should be no larger then 1/3 of the size of the Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro)

Breeding: Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro) can be breed in aquarium and they produce a large number of off springs. A temperature of around 27oC (80oF) are recommended for breeding. Place two males per female in a breeding aquarium to have the best chances for success. Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Spotted Cachorro) egg hatch after 24 hours.

Spotted Cachorro - Acestrorhynchus falcatus picture
Picture of a Spotted Cachorro - Acestrorhynchus falcatus. Copyright

Acestrorhynchus falcatus - Spotted Cachorro picture
Acestrorhynchus falcatus - Spotted Cachorro. Copyright

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Spotted Cachorro - Acestrorhynchus falcatus