Wakin Goldfish

Wakin Goldfish

The Wakin goldfish is a very beautiful fish, but despite this not commonly found in the hobby. It has however gained more and more popularity lately and is kept in ponds as well as aquariums. More and more people learn to appreciate its beauty and sturdiness. One other reason behind the Walkin Goldfish increasing popularity as a pond fish is its friendly temperament. If you feed your Walkin Goldfish regularly, you will notice how it comes up and shows it self when feeding time approaches. In Japan, the fish has been kept for almost 500 years and the word Wakin Goldfish actually means “Japanese Goldfish”. Just like all other types of goldfish, the Wakin goldfish originates from the Chinese Gibel Carp.

The Wakin goldfish has a slender body, somewhat similar to a Comets Goldfish, but with a differently shaped tail. The Wakin Goldfish has a more fantail shaped caudal fin, but the fin is not very long. This goldfish can grow very large, and the longest measured Waking Goldfish was 18 inches long. Especially Wakins kept in ponds are known to grow big. The major colours of the fish are bright red and crisp white, which can form intriguing colour patterns. The Wakin goldfish can be anything from almost completely red to white with just a few red stains. Every Wakin will display an individual colour pattern and the fish usually looks most striking when watched from above.

You will find most Wakin Goldfish in ponds, not aquariums, since they are superb pond fishes. You can keep your Wakin goldfish in an aquarium as well, as long as you provide it with at least 20 gallons of water. When it comes to Wakin Goldfish, more room is always better, and if you want the fish to grow really large you need to keep it in a pond. The Wakin goldfish is very tough and will survive even a cold winter in its pond. If the pond freezes, a hole must be kept open in the ice to allow for oxygen exchange and de-gasing. The Wakin Goldfish will not hibernate and you can sometimes see Wakin goldfish swimming around under a layer of ice. Since the Wakin goldfish wants cold water, many common aquarium plants are out of the question when you decorate an aquarium for this species. Plastic plants, or pond plants that can be bought in garden centres, are often better choices than plants sold in aquarium shops. Crinum, Elodea, Anubias and Java moss can however survive the cold water and is frequently found in aquarium shops. The java moss is particularly suitable if you want to try breeding your Wakin Goldfish, since it will provide the fry with a place to hide.

The Wakin goldfish is not very aggressive, but it is a very fast fish and if you keep it in the same pond as slower fishes they will probably never get a chance to reach the food. Koi, Shubunkin Goldfish and Comets Goldfish are all examples of fast species that will do well together with your Wakin Goldfish. Slower fish, such as Bubble eye Goldfish, Black Moor Goldfish and Celestial Goldfish should be avoided.

You can feed your Wakin goldfish pretty much any low fat food, including pellets, flaks, vegetables and frozen food. It is important to include vegetable matter in the diet and to adjust the amount of food according to the water temperature in the pond or aquarium. The large appetite of the Wakin goldfish also means that plants in the pond or aquarium might be eaten. The Walkins goldfish particularly loves to eat Water lilies.

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