Goldfish Screensavers

Goldfish Screensavers

Goldfish screensavers have been popular for many years now, and today you can find highly advanced interactive 3D goldfish screensavers. At home as well as in the office, people appreciate the relaxing and entertaining effects of a goldfish screensaver. If you don’t have time to manage a real aquarium, the goldfish screensaver is definitely the best alternative. You can leave your goldfish screensaver alone for many weeks when you go on holiday, you can bring it to any meeting, and best of all – you never have to think about such mundane problems as algae control, fish food, parasites or high ammonia levels.

Today you can choose between an abundance of different goldfish screensavers. You can go for a retro-style 2D goldfish screensaver from the 1990s or select a top modern 3D goldfish screensaver where you can feed your fish virtual fish-food and design the entire aquarium set up according to your particular preferences. You can even get your goldfish screensaver to produce a relaxing bubbling sound – just like a real aquarium would. Other interesting features that will make a goldfish screensaver feel more real are eyes that move as the fish investigates its environment, rippling effects in the water created by fish movement, bubbles that are synchronised with the bubbling sound, rippling light beams in the background, sunset and sunrise effects, and fish that will react to play and tickling. Keep in mind that a goldfish screensaver that offers advanced 3D effects usually requires a computer with a 3D graphics card and programs such as DirectX9.

You can either purchase your goldfish screensaver or choose one of the many free goldfish screensaver variants that are available for instant download online. When you purchase a goldfish screensaver, you can either get a disc mailed to you or download the screensaver directly over the Internet. Many companies offer you to try their goldfish screensaver for a limit amount of days, such as a month, before you have to decide whether you want to pay for it or not. Others give away a free basic goldfish screensaver for unlimited use, and then offer satisfied users to upgrade their basic package to a more advanced in exchange for a small fee. It is common to pay for the goldfish screensaver online using a credit card or an online paying service, such as Paypal, but some companies will accept other forms of payments as well.

When you are trying to find a good goldfish screensaver, the easiest way is usually to simply use one of the major search engines. There is a multitude of site offering various screensavers, and many of them will have one or several goldfish screensavers. If you can’t find “Goldfish Screensaver” in their lists, try searching for aquarium screensaver or fishbowl screensaver instead. You can also visit online pet sites, aquarium forums and other aquarium related sites that might offer goldfish screensavers.
Before you download an install anything from the Internet, you should make sure that it comes from a reputable source. Unfortunately, quite a few of the free programs that are offered online contain viruses and other malicious types of software that you do not want to infect your computer with. Even a virus free goldfish screensaver can contain so called spyware that will gather information about your internet habits and send to a third part.

When you select a goldfish screensaver it is of course important that you choose one that will work on your computer. Regardless of whether you are using PC or Mac, it is possible to find a goldfish screensaver that will go well with your computer and operative system. There are even a few goldfish screensavers that has been develop in order to work well with Mac as well as with PC’s using Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP.

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