Oranda Goldfish
Oranda Goldfish

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda Goldfish was first developed in 1590 when the Red cap Oranda goldfish first appeared and is one of the few fancy Goldfish types that are equally appreciated by eastern and western goldfish keepers. Tiger head goldfish are a much newer form of goldfish and was created 1893. Oranda goldfish seldom live up to the standard and high quality Oranda goldfish are rare. A high quality Oranda goldfish should have a body that as at least as wide as 66 percent of is body length, preferable wider. All the fins on an Oranda goldfish should be paired except the dorsal fin and the tail fin should be split. High quality Orlanda goldfish doesn’t have forked fins but fish with forked fins will still be seen as Oranda goldfish fish only of lower quality. Fain tailed goldfish could earlier be counted as Oranda goldfish but can with today standards never be counted as such. The Tail fin should be at least the same length as 75% of the body length. Oranda goldfish should also always have a well developed hood on there head.

There exist two basic colour types of Oranda Goldfish. Metallic and Calico Based Fish. Cailco based Oranda Goldfish has coloured spots on a blue background. Metallic Type fish has a metallic shimmer to them and can have a number of different colours

oranda goldfish
Picture of Oranda goldfish
Oranda goldfish can grow to be 15-18 cm (6-7 inches). They are among the more sensitive fancy goldfish and should never be kept in water colder 18°C / 65°F which makes them less suitable for gardens pond in areas where the water temperature may drop below 18°C / 65°F. Make sure that your pond keep temperature is high enough for your Oranda goldfish. The water temperature is best kept between 18°-22° C (65°-72° F)

Oranda goldfish are best kept in groups in an aquarium with planted areas as well as open areas where the fish can swim. They will accept most food types and can be kept on diet off flake food and pellets. Try to include vegetables in their diet.

It is possible to breed Orlanda goldfish but only a low procent of the fry will usually be high quality Orlanda goldfish. It is hard to sex Orlanda goldfish outside the breeding season but males are usually smaller and more slender. It is easy to sex Orlanda Goldfish during the breeding season since the head of the males become covered with white dots. (Don’t mistake this phenomenon with ich). These dots are called breeding tubercles. A period with lower temperature followed by gradually raising the temperature helps trigger spawning.

Calico Oranda Goldfish
Calico Oranda Goldfish - Picture by Radio KJ

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