Egg Goldfish

Egg Goldfish

The Egg Goldfish has a very long history and was known as early as 800 years ago in China. It is probably closely related to the more modern Celestial Goldfish, Lionhead Gold fish and Ranchus Goldfish. The Egg Goldfish is egg-shaped, double tailed and without any dorsal fin. Except for the caudal fin, all fins are small on an Egg Goldfish. There is however one variant of the Egg Goldfish that sports long flowing fins. It is usually referred to as Phoenix Egg Goldfish, and is rare and hard to obtain. Just like the common Egg Goldfish, the Phoenix Egg Goldfish has no dorsal fin. A Phoenix Egg Goldfish is long-tailed, while the common Egg Goldfish is short-tailed. An Egg Goldfish is mentioned in Jiang Ting Xi's book “The chapter of Fowls and Insects, Collection and contemporary books with illustrations” from 1726. This book also includes an illustration of a goldfish without dorsal fins. A high quality Egg Goldfish should have a smooth arch-shaped back. Ideally, the highest point of the back should be located at the absolute centre of the backbone.

Today, you can find several types of Egg Goldfish, including the Phoenix Egg Goldfish, the even more unusual Blue Egg Phoenix Goldfish, and the red and white celestial-eyed Egg Goldfish. All variants of Egg Goldfish, including the most common Egg Goldfish, are quite unknown among aquarists and can be hard to obtain today. Breeders are reporting that it is difficult to maintain adequate blood line, and even in China the Egg Goldfish is becoming increasingly rare due to decreased popularity. There are however several efforts being made to ensure the survival of the Egg Goldfish. The “Goldfish Pagonda” in Hong Kong is dedicated to the breeding of Blue Egg Phoenix Goldfish, and is continuously searching for good specimens. In 1996, the Goldfish Pagonda and the Goldfish Society of America exchanged fishes with each other. Eighteen Blue Egg Phoenix Goldfishes were sent to America and Hong Kong received Blue Veiltail Goldfish in exchange. Breeding of Blue Egg Phoenix Goldfish is therefore taking place in the U.S. today, but this fish is a slow spawner and it will take time to create any larger population.

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