Types of Goldfish

Types of Goldfish

There exist a large number of different types of goldfish besides the common Goldfish. The different types put different demands of the owner since some kinds are more sensitive than others. Each type of Goldfish has different max sizes and requires different water temperature.

The different types of Goldfish can be divided into different groups, single tailed goldfish, double tailed goldfish and double tailed goldfish with egg shaped body and double tailed goldfish with egg shaped body and without dorsal fins.

Single tailed types of goldfish:

Shubunkins goldfish: This type of goldfish is available in two different forms. One is called London Shubunkins goldfish and the other Bristol Shubunkins goldfish. They have a similar shape and form to Comets goldfish and regular goldfish but are shows calico colors (violet, red, orange, yellow) with black spots.

Comets Goldfish: Is a hardy type of goldfish that are suitable for garden ponds due to their high tolerance for cold water. Comets goldfish can grow to be 12-14 inch / 30-35 cm. A long slender body and a long tail are characterizing for Comets goldfish.

Double tailed types of goldfish:

Watkins goldfish: Watkins goldfish is a type of goldfish that looks likethe common goldfish but with a split tail fin. They look similar to the Fantail goldfish but have a flatter tail fin. This hardy type of goldfish can be found in a wide variety of colours.

Jikins Goldfish: This type of goldfish is another type that looks a lot like the common goldfish but only come in one colouration, white body with red or orange lips, gill plates and fins. This type of goldfish should also have a tail fin that is split upwards

Double tailed types of goldfish with egg shaped body:

Oranda Goldfish: True high quality Oranda goldfish are rare. The most characteristic feature of the Oranda goldfish is the helmet they wear on their head and their long split tails fins. The tail fin should be split al the way in a high quality Oranda goldfish.

Ryukin Goldfish: these goldfish looks almost identical to Fantail goldfish with a hump back.. The hump on Ryukin Goldfish starts just behind the head.

Pearlscale Goldfish: These goldfish has a high egg shaped body, higher then many other types of goldfish. Their scale gives the impression of being raised from their body which is what has given this kind of goldfish its name, Pearlscale goldfish. Pearlscale goldfish can be found in a variety of different colours.

Telescope Goldfish: There are many different type of telescope goldfish available and they can be found in a number of different colours and types. The different types of telescope goldfish differ in size of eyes, fins and as earlier mentioned colours. A high quality Telescope goldfish has long fins.

Black Moors goldfish: This type of goldfish has telescope eyes on a velvet black body. Moors Goldfish is only available in black.

Demekin Goldfish:These goldfish have large telescope eyes and a hump back. Demekin Goldfish are a cross between telescope and Ryukin goldfish.

Pompom Egg goldfish: this type of goldfish has small balls on their faces that resembles pom-poms and hence the name. The balls are overdeveloped nostrils that give this kind of goldfish their character. The size of these pom-poms can differ greatly. This goldfish are available in different types with and without fins.

Veiltail goldfish: Veiltail goldfish have very long fins that hangs down from their bodies like a veil. They are available in a wide variety of colours.

Double tailed goldfish types with egg shaped body without dorsal fins includes:

Bubble Eye Goldfish: This kind of goldfish have large eyes that are pointing upwards and large sacks under the eyes that are very easily damaged. Bubble eye goldfish do due to their fragile nature need secure aquariums without sharp objects and other objects that might hurt them. This type of goldfish lacks dorsal fins.

Phoenix Eggfish/Egg Goldfish: This type of goldfish has long flowing fins similar to those found on Veitail goldfish but lacks dorsal fins. Phoenix Eggfish one of the most uncommon type of goldfish and they can be very hard to find.

Celestial Goldfish
Celestial Goldfish - Picture by Jason C

Celestial Goldfish: this kind of goldfish does just like the bubble eye goldfish has eyes that are aimed upwards but lacks the characteristic sacks that bubble eye goldfish has under their eyes. Celestial Goldfish are hardier then Bubble Eye Goldfish since they are not as easily injured.

Lionhead Goldfish: This kind of egg shape goldfish has a very straight back which separates lionhead goldfish from other egg shapes goldfishes.

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