Jikins Goldfish

Jikins Goldfish

The Jikins Goldfish is rarely found even in specialised aquarium stores. There are however several places on the Internet from where you can obtain a Jikins Goldfish. The Jikins goldfish was developed from the Wakin Goldfish, in the Nagoya area in Japan. The fish has a striking appearance and is easily distinguished from any other goldfish. The Jikins Goldfish is sometimes also called Peacock Tail Goldfish since it has such an outstanding caudal fin. When you look at a Jikins Goldfish from behind, it should look a lot like an “X” with four parts. All the fins, except the dorsal fin, come in pairs. The body of the Jikins Goldfish is streamlined, but a bit sturdier than that of a common goldfish.

Jinkin Goldfish displays calico coloration, which in other words can be said as that they display red and white colours on their body. They can just like all other variants of fancy goldfish be of different qualities. The absolutely most valued specimens of Jinkins Goldfish has an all white body white bright red fins, lips and gill plates. High quality Jinkin Goldfish will not display any other colour then white on their body and red to orange coloration on the earlier mentioned fins, lips and gill plates. The more bright red the colour of the fin, lips and gill plates are the higher quality of the Jinkin Goldfish

The Jikins Goldfish is very suitable if you are looking for a beautiful pond fish, but it can also be kept in an aquarium since a Jikins Goldfish rarely grows larger than 9 inches. The aquarium or pond should be decorated, but also have open areas for the Jikins Goldfish to swim around in. Your Jikins Goldfish will also appreciate some heavily planted areas where it can shelter. Cover the bottom with large grained substrate, especially if you want to try breeding your Jikins Goldfish, since it will increase the chance of fry survival. The Jikins Goldfish is not as cold tolerant as many other types of Goldfish, but will still endure quite low temperatures.

The Jikins Goldfish is not very picky when it comes to food and will accept almost anything, but it needs to be given vegetable food to do well. You can feed your Jikins Goldfish flake food and pellets, but avoid all fatty foods. The quantity of food must be adjusted according to the water temperature in the aquarium or the pond.

One of the latest additions to the Jikins Goldfish is the type created by aquarist Al Foster. He has crossed Jikins Golfish with Philadelphia Veiltail Goldfish and developed a Jikin Goldfish with a significantly longer flowing caudal fin.

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