Disco Goldfish Shoes

Disco Goldfish Shoes

As the name suggests, a disco goldfish shoe is a shoe that contains a goldfish. The disco goldfish shoes grew popular during the 1970’s and could be seen on trendy disco dancers. The goldfish is contained within the heel, or within the heel and sole, of a high-heeled platform shoe. The heel and sole in disco goldfish shoes are made from a transparent material, such as acrylic glass, that allows you to see the goldfish.

The shoe of a disco dancer is of course not an ideal home for a goldfish. Just like any other fish, the goldfish needs oxygen, food and water changes to survive. The constant shakings as the feet moves will naturally also disturb the fish a lot and being trapped inside a very small place is far from healthy. In such a confined place as the heel of disco goldfish shoes, it is hard to know which problem that actually kills the fish first - suffocation or chock - but goldfish will die very soon after being inserted in disco goldfish shoes. Theoretically speaking, it might be possible to keep goldfish in a proper aquarium during the weekdays and place them in the detachable heels of your disco goldfish shoes for a few hours during the Saturday night fever, but this would still be very cruel to the animals and dramatically reduce their life span even if they manage to survive one trip to the disco.

For all those who are attracted to the idea of keeping goldfish in their shoes, the shoe fashion has fortunately developed since the 1970’s. Today you can find great looking disco goldfish shoes that contain a goldfish replica instead of a live goldfish. This way, you can get disco goldfish shoes that will last night after night and you never have to replace the goldfish. Artificial goldfish disco shoes are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles – all with high heels of course. You can for instance get disco goldfish shoes that do not only contain a goldfish, but a small artificial green plant as well. This makes the heel look even more like a small goldfish bowl. You can also purchase disco goldfish shoes that contain several small artificial goldfishes, fish replicas from other species, or colored, glowing and glittery water.

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