Bubble Eye Goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

Most people love or shun the Bubble Eye Goldfish, due to its very strange an unnatural appearance. The Bubble Eye Goldfish has huge, fluid-filled sacks under its eyes and unlike many other goldfish variants the eyes point upwards. You need to keep your Bubble Eye Goldfish in an aquarium without any sharp objects or even pointy plants. The bubbles can burst easily, but if a bubble is hurt it will usually grow back but it can take some time. In most cases, the shape and size of the new bubble will be different from the original bubble so the two bubbles will not match anymore. This is a big setback if you want to compete with your Bubble Eye Goldfish and bring it to shows, but it is not a problem for the fish. The Bubble Eye Goldfish was developed in China and is most likely a mutant originating from a Telescope Goldfish or a Celestial Goldfish.

The body of the Bubble Eye Goldfish is egg-shaped and relatively slim compared to many other goldfish types. Colour variations include red, blue, chocolate, calico, black, red/white and red/black. Just like with many other goldfish varieties, the black colour is not a stable colour in Bubble Eye Goldfish. The anal, ventral and pectoral fins are paired and the back should be without any hump. In China, the Bubble Eye Goldfish is bred with and without dorsal fin, but the Goldfish Society of America (GFSA) disqualifies Bubble Eye Goldfish with a dorsal fin from shows. Even the slightest sign of a dorsal fin is enough for disqualification, and the GFSA standard is upheld in most western countries.

You need to house your Bubble Eye Goldfish in an aquarium without any sharp objects. A lot of common aquarium decorations and aquarium plants are unsuitable since they can burst the bubbles if the fish swim into them. Check all plants, plastic as well as natural ones, and make sure they have no sharp edges or pointy areas. You can make the intake tubes of the filter “Bubble Eye” safe by covering them with fine netting or aquarium sponge. Since the Bubble Eye Goldfish is not a very strenuous swimmer, it will often be swept away by the current and find it self very close to the intake tubes. When a Bubble Eye Goldfish becomes elderly or suffer from illness, it will slow down even more and often just float around in the aquarium without being able to struggle against the current.

Like all the other goldfish variants, the Bubble Eye Goldfish will happily eat anything you give it. The problem is to make your Bubble Eye Goldfish find the food. Its eye sight is really poor and it is also a very slow fish. If you keep your Bubble Eye Goldfish in the same aquarium as fast fishes with normal eye sight they will eat all the food before the Bubble Eye Goldfish even notice that it is there. Suitable companions are therefore other slow fishes with equally poor eye sight, such as Telescope Goldfish and Celestial Goldfish. You can also keep several Bubble Eye Goldfish together. Your Bubble Eye Goldfish will probably have a hard time finding tiny food, like bloodworms. Large and slowly sinking pellets are therefore a better suggestion. You can also help your Bubble Eye Goldfish by placing the food at the same spot every time. When you feed your Bubble Eye Goldfish vegetables, such as lettuce and cucumber, you can attach them with a food clip. A food cone can also work well for many types of food. An even better solution is to teach your Bubble Eye Goldfish to accept food from your hand. This way, you will be able to really make sure that it gets enough food and you can also prevent other fish from snatching food from the Bubble Eye Goldfish.

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