Comets Goldfish

Comets Goldfish

Comets goldfish is a hardy Goldfish type that are suitable for cold water aquariums and garden ponds. The characteristics that separates comets goldfish from other goldfish is their long slender body and their long single tail fin. The large fin makes comets goldfish look streamlined and can with a little fantasy be said to make them similar to comets.

There exist a number of different types of Comets goldfish with different characteristics and coloration such as the Sarasa comets goldfish. Sarasa comets goldfish are very beautiful and usually very cheap. They often have multicoloured bodies and reminds one of Koi carps. Comets goldfish can also be found in a variety of colours with a single coloured body.

Comets goldfish grows quite large and can reach a length of 14 inches / 35 cm. They are best kept in cold water aquariums decorated so that heavily planted areas are created as well as areas with open space where the fish can swim. Suitable plants to keep in an aquarium tank with comets goldfish include a number of species that tolerates lower temperatures such as Anubias, Elodea (Egeria), Crinum and Java moss. The bottom should be covered with large grained sand. Large grained sand doesn’t only increase the comfort of the adult fish but also offer the added bonus that it helps protect eggs that might be laid in the aquarium.

Comets goldfish are easy to feed and accept most food sources including flake food and pellets. The most important part of feeding them is to offer them a varied diet that includes vegetables and to adjust the amount of food given to the temperature in the aquarium.

Comets goldfish can be breed in aquarium our in garden ponds. Keep them well feed and lower the temperature for a period of no less then a month and then slowly raising the temperature again to stimulate spawning. They spread their eggs freely in the water and the egg and fry will be eaten by the parents unless protective measures are taken. The best method is usually to remove the parents from the breeding aquarium once the spawning is completed while using a breeding raster to protect the eggs during the actual spawning. Some eggs might survive in an aquarium or a pond but the fry must be removed if you want to raise them successfully. There is a small possibility that a few fry might survive to be adult in a well planted aquarium or pond. The odds for this is however relatively low.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question about Comets goldfish in this text you should no that comets goldfish in all other aspects can be treated as any other goldfish and I recommend that you read our general goldfish articles to learn more about how to care for Goldfish in general.

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