Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish

The Pearlscale Goldfish is egg shaped and many Pearlscale Goldfish looks as if they had swallowed a golf ball. It is the only Goldfish type with differently shaped scales. The scales on the Pearlscale Goldfish have a hard raised area in the middle of the scale, and the name of the fish is derived from this area since it is commonly white and looking like a pearl. The first known mentioning of a Pearlscale Goldfish is from the early 20th century. Pearlscale Goldfish can be found in all kinds of colours, such as red, blue, black, calico, chocolate and red/white combinations.

Most breeders prefer Pearlscale Goldfish where the body depth is greater than 2/3 of the body length. The Pearlscale Goldfish is found in two major variations – those who have a headgrowth and those who have not. Those with a headgrowth are called Hamanishiki, and the most popular headgrowth is one that is round and even and in just one piece. There should ideally be no smaller growth behind the major headgrowth.

Just like many other types of Goldfish the Pearlscale Goldfish grows relatively large and requires at least 10 gallons of water if you want to keep it in an aquarium. You can also keep it in a pond. The more room, the better, and your Pearlscale Goldfish will most likely do much better if you provide it with more room than the 10 gallons which should be considered an absolute minimum. You can house your Pearlscale Goldfish with other goldfish varieties as long as they are not to fast, since fast fishes may snatch away all the food and leave the Pearlscale Goldfish starving. Comet goldfish, Waking Goldfish and Shubunkin Goldfish are all examples of fast fishes that are unsuitable company for a Pearlscale Goldfish. Keep in mind that the Pearlscale Goldfish is big and egg-shaped and not really suited for fast-swimming. You have to handle your Pearlscale Goldfish very carefully, since the scales can fall off from rough treatment or sharp objects in the aquarium or pond. Breeding damage can also cause the scales to drop from the fish. If a scale falls from the Pearlscale Goldfish, it will not be replaced by a similar scale. Instead, you will see the common flat scale found on all other types of goldfish. Some breeders claim that the Pearlscale Goldfish needs more calcium in the water than other goldfishes, to keep the scales intact. This is however yet to be proven.

Your Pearlscale Goldfish will happily eat most types of food, but you must restrict its diet a bit due to the unnatural shape of this fish. Since it is so rounded, the internal organs are quite cramped inside its body. A Pearlscale Goldfish should therefore not be fed unsoaked dry food, such as pellets and flakes. If you Pearlscale Goldfish eats unsoaked food, the food will absorb water from the internal organs and swell inside the body of the fish. The expansion will cause pressure on all the surrounding organs and especially the swim bladder is vulnerable to this easily damaged. Constipation can also occur. If you want to feed your Pearlscale Goldfish pellets or flakes, make sure the food is really soaked. Since the Pearlscale Goldfish is prone to constipation even when kept on a correct diet, you should include deshelled peas in its diet at least once a week since the peas will prevent and treat constipation. Bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia and vegetable food like cucumber and lettuce are also suitable food for a Pearlscale Goldfish.

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