Pug dog information

The Pug dog is an endearing dog breed that has mesmerized humans all over the world with its affectionate temperament, sturdy little body, brilliant eyes and wrinkly face. It is a so called toy dog breed and was originally created to accompany the Chinese emperors of the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC). It loves to spend its days in the lap of its owner, but will also need regular play and other forms of exercise to burn of excess energy avoid obesity. The word pug is believed to be derived from Pugnus, which means fist in Latin. With a little imagination, the face of a pug can look somewhat similar to a clenched fist. The Pug is often described using three other Latin words, multum in parvo, which means “much in little” due to the compactness of this strong willed canine. In the article, you will find a lot of interesting Pug dog information. If need more in-depth Pug dog information, you can always contact your local Kennel Club or Pug Dog Organisation.

Pug dog care

Before you get a pug dog, you should familiarise yourself with the special aspects of Pug dog care. Pug dogs have extensively wrinkled faces and need help to stay clean. If you do not clean inside these creases, it can result in irritation and infection.

Since the Pug dog has a very short snout and is without prominent skeletal brow ridges, it is prone to eye injuries. You should therefore establish a contact with a veterinarian so you know exactly where to take your dog if an accident occurs. 

The Pug dog is also susceptible to breathing problems since its breathing passageways are very compact, and compact head can also make it difficult for the Pug to regulate its temperature by panting. An essential part of proper Pug dog care is therefore to protect your dog from hot environments.

If your Pug dog experience “reversed sneezing”, try to calm it down by taking to it in a gentle voice and taking it away from any excitement. Reversed sneezing is caused by the elongated palate; a common trait in a lot of short-snouted breeds. Some owners claim that gently rubbing the throat to induce swallowing can fend off a reverse sneezing attack.

Unfortunately, a lot of Pug dogs are obese since their owners give them too much food and to little exercise. If your Pug dog starts to fatten up, take it out more frequently and let it burn off the extra energy. If this does not help, you will have to serve it less food. An overweight Pug dog is prone to a long row of health problems and avoiding this condition is therefore of imperative importance.

Pug dog puppy

The Pug dog puppy is certainly an endearing little creature, but before you decide to bring it home you should ask yourself if you will be able to care for this dog for the next 10-15 years. Are you prepared to devote enough time, effort and money to keep your Pug dog happy and healthy for such a long time? It is also advisable to read a lot about how to care for a Pug dog puppy and for the adult dog, since Pug dogs have several specific requirements. If you want to know more, you can contact your local Kennel Club or nearest Pug Dog Organisation.

Generally speaking Pug dogs prefer the company of humans to the company of other dogs and pets, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing breed. Pug dogs do get along well with dogs and pets, but they will never be truly happy unless they are given a lot of human attention. If you get a Pug dog puppy and leave it alone a lot it will be come anxious and/or agitated. 

Pug dog training

The Pug dog is infamous for being stubborn, and you must therefore be even more stubborn if you want to achieve successful Pug dog training. The upside is that the Pug dog is an extremely sociable dog; especially bred to shower its owner with endless amounts of attention and affection. If you turn the Pug dog training into a joyous event when your Pug dog gets to have your undivided attention, you can therefore end up with a remarkably well trained Pug. The Pug dog is playful and clever and these two traits are invaluable during Pug dog training. Pug dogs are sensitive to the tone of your voice, and harsh punishments are therefore not advisable. Praise is generally much more efficient than punishments during Pug dog training.

Pug dog breeding

According to the American Kennel Club standard, the aim of Pug dog breeding should be to develop even-tempered and stable dogs with great charm and a loving disposition. The Pug dog should also be playful and outgoing, and exude a sense of dignity. The eyes should be attentive and lustrous, and when the Pug gets excited they should be full of fire.

When it comes to general appearance, the body should be square and compact.  The muscles should be well developed and the dog should ideally weigh 14-18 pounds. According to the AKC Pug dog breeding standard, the perfect Pug head is big and massive without any indentation of the skull. The characteristic Pug wrinkles must naturally be large and deep. The eyes should be very big and prominent, and must also be globular in shape and dark in colour. The ears should be soft like velvet and can come in two shapes: the rose or the button. They button shape is more highly regarded than the rose.

Pug dog breeders

When choosing among the many Pug dog breeders it is very important to do your research and pick a reputable one. There are a lot of great Pug dog breeders out there, but there are also quite a few reckless breeders and owners of virtual puppy mills. The Pug breed is plagued by a long row of serious health problems and purchasing from Pug dog breeders that strives to use only healthy parents is therefore very important.

The Pug dog is one of several breeds inclined to develop Demodectic mange (Demodex). Dogs suffering from this condition have a weakened immune system. If your Pug dog develops the mild version, it can be cured if you take it to a vet in time. Quite a few Pug dogs will however develop the systemic form of Demodectic mange and this is much harder to manage. Serious Pug dog breeders will therefore avoid breeding dogs who suffers from Demodectic mange.

The dreaded Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) is a chronic form of granulomatous meningoencephalitis, an inflammation of the dog's brain. The condition is believed to be genetic and there is yet no cure. A Pug that develops Pug Dog Encephalitis will normally die within a few months after the first symptoms begin to show, or be euthanized earlier to save it from suffering.

Pug Dogs are inclined to hemivertebrae; a problem shared by many other dogs such as the Boxer and the Bulldog. The screwtail is the most common example of hemivertebrae, but the condition can occur in other parts of the spine and will then naturally cause serious problems for the dog. In many cases it will lead to severe paralysis and the dog will need to be put to sleep. Purchasing from Pug dog breeders that strives to rid the breed of this devastating health problem is therefore strongly recommended.

Less serious but still very painful is the condition known as entropion, where the eyelids of the Pug fold inward. The eyelashes will rub against the cornea at all times and cause serious pain, discomfort and decreased sight. In Pug dogs, entropion is normally caused by genetic factors but it can also be brought on by a trachoma infection.

Pug dog price

The Pug dog price varies significantly between different breeders and different parts of the world. How trendy the Pug dog is when you wish to make your purchase can also affect the price. The most important thing when comparing Pug dog prices is to investigate what you actually get for your money. Has the breeder paid to have the puppy examined by a qualified vet, vaccinated and de-wormed or will you have to pay for this yourself? Are you buying from a reputable breeder that strives to minimize the risk of hereditary health problems? Are the parents of the dog well socialized and do they have a suitable temperament? Pugs live for 10-15 years when well cared for and trying to save a few bucks on the Pug dog price can turn out to be an expensive choice if it renders you an unhealthy Pug dog with a problematic temperament. It should also be stressed that a high Pug dog price in no way guarantees that you will get a healthy, sociable dog. Puppy mills are for instance known to sometimes sell unhealthy Pug dogs for vast amounts of money.

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