Dog Insurance

Dog Insurance

A dog can be a loved part of the family and can unfortunately just like any other member of the family get sick. Veterinarian bills for treating illnesses and injuries can be very expensive and it is therefore a good idea to get a good dog insurance that pays for these types of expenses. Before you insure your dog you should ideally get quotes from several insurances companies as there is a lot of money to be saved by shopping around for good dog insurance. You should however look not only at the price tag but at the coverage as well. An insurance that seems cheaper might be more expensive in reality if the cover isn’t very good. It is important to careful compare the conditions. In this section of the site we will try to help you find the perfect dog insurance by giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

There are unfortunately only a few companies that offer pet and dog insurance and you will find nowhere as many choices as you do when looking for home-, health- or car insurance. The price and coverage can differ considerable between the companies so it is important to take the advice given above about comparing cost as well as coverage to heart. Some insurance companies offer very low protection, while others includes not only health insure for the dog but accident insurance for accidents caused by the dog as well. Some even cover routine exams.

Here is a list of a few very important questions to ask when searching for dog insurance for you canine companion.

Is your dog eligible?
Not all insurances enrol every dog. A common restriction is that only dogs between the age of 8 weeks and 8 years can enrol. There are however insurances that enrol older dogs. Some insurance companies that normally don’t enrol dogs older than 8 years offer special insurance for older pets. This type of insurance has different terms and might be more expensive than the regular dog insurance offered by the same company.

Are the benefit limits or illness/incident caps?
Some but not all dog insurances have benefit limits. This means that they only cover the health care up to a certain cost and above that you will have to pay for the care yourself. This can become very expensive if your dog gets an illness or injury that requires expensive care. An illness/incident cap means that the insurance company will only pay up to a certain sum for each illness/incident. Caps can vary from condition to condition, and might for instance be higher for a broken leg than for sterilization.

Does the dog insurance have a deductible? How big is it?
Many dog insurances have a deductible. The size of the deductable can vary a lot and it is important to take this into consideration when choosing dog insurance. Insurance with a larger deductible is often cheaper but is only recommendable if you can pay the deductable if your dog gets sick or gets into an accident.

Do the company offer any discounts?
There are a lot of discounts available for dog insurances and these discounts can make the insurance a lot cheaper. There are many reasons that could make you eligible for a discount.
Such reasons include belonging to a pet organisation, kennel club or similar. Discounts are also commonly available if you choose to insure several pets through the same company at the same time or use the same insurance company for all your insurance needs. Time limited offers, insurance packages, and ordering your dog insurance over the Internet are other examples of possible ways of getting a discount. A simple  way to reduce the cost is usually to choose to pay for the insurance yearly rather then monthly. That can often reduce the price with 10% or more.

Will the dog insurance cover pre-existing conditions?
Can I pay an additional cost and thereby have pre-existing conditions and hereditary defects covered by my dog insurance? 
Will the dog insurance cover cancer?
Will the dog insurance cover dental care?
Will preventive care and routine wellness be covered, e.g. immunization, heartworm testing and neutering/spaying?
Will the insurance pay for prescription medication?
Can I choose any veterinarian?

Is it a comprehensive insurance plan or a discount plan?
It is important to know the difference between these two terms. A discount plan make you eligible for discounted veterinarian services while a comprehensive plan is more similar to a human health insurance plan. Discount plans sometimes include discounts on other dog related products than veterinarian services.

When will the protection kick in?
Some dog insurances don’t become valid at once; they have a mandatory waiting period and if something happens during this time your dog is not covered by the dog insurance. The dog only gets covered when the waiting period is over.

How is the customer service of the dog insurance company?
You want to choose a company that is easy to reach and communicate with.You will need to contact the company and get support if your dog gets sick and injured. You don’t want to spend precious time trying to get hold of a company with poor customer service when your dog needs emergency care.