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Great Dane dog information

Commonly referred to as “the Gentle Giant”, the Great Dane is a great breed if you have enough space for a huge dog. In this article, you can find a lot of fascinating Grate Dane dog information. Did you know that according to some experts, a dog very similar to the Great Dane lived in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and that this dog might be the ancestor of our Grand Danes?

Great Dane dog care

Just like many other huge breeds, the Great Dane has a slow metabolism. Preventing obesity is therefore an essential part of proper Great Dane dog care. You must also make sure that the food that you dog gets is rich in nutrients, otherwise a limited food intake can lead to deficiencies. One sign that a Great Dane is not receiving adequate Great Dane dog care persisting yeast infections and recurring staph infections. This is usually due to lack of nutrition. 

Great Danes are prone to bloat (gastric volvulus) which is a dangerous condition where the stomach is distended and twisted. One way of preventing this is to have the stomach of the dog tacked to the interior rib lining. This can be done when you take your Great Dane to the vet to have it spayed or neutered, or be carried out separately. 

Great Dane dog puppy

The Great Dane dog puppy is an amazing creature, but getting a Great Dane dog puppy is certainly not something that you should buy on a whim. To begin with, you must ask yourself if you are willing and able to care for a dog for the next 10 years or more. Secondly, you should ask whether or not the Great Dane is the ideal breed for you. Getting a Great Dane dog puppy is a good idea if you want a huge, mastiff-type dog with a sleek, low-maintenance coat. Getting a Great Dane dog puppy is a bad idea if you can’t handle a huge dog that takes up a lot of space in your home, or dislike dogs that shed, fart and slobber a lot.

Great Dane dog training

Without proper Great Dane dog training, this breed can be very hard to handle. Since it is so huge, it can act like an elephant in a porcelain shop unless it is firmly thought how to behave. Great Danes have a mind of their own and the key to successful Great Dane dog training is being patient and persistent. Do not purchase a Great Dane puppy unless you are a prepared to spend quite a lot of time on Great Dane training. You have to be more wilful, more stubborn and more determined that the Great Dane – otherwise he will not believe that you are the leader of the pack.

Great Dane dog breeding

According to the American Kennel Club standard, the aim of Great Dane dog breeding should be to create a dog that combined great size with a powerful, well-formed and smoothly muscled body. Despite being such a huge breed, a Great Dane should never appear clumsy. When it comes to temperament, Great Dane dog breeding should strive to develop dogs that are courageous, spirited and friendly – never timid.

Great Dane dog breeders

When purchasing dogs, it is important to stick to reputable and serious Great Dane dog breeders that strive to keep the breed healthy and mentally stable. Just like many other big dogs, the Great Dane is prone to hip dysplasia and responsible Great Dane dog breeders will therefore make sure that all dogs used for breeding purposes are x-rayed and certified. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is another problem in the breed that serious breeders strive to minimize the risk for. If you encounter Great Dane dog breeders that actively breed pure white Great Danes, be suspicious, because these dogs tend to be deaf. 

Great Dane dog price

The exact Great Dane dog price varies from breeder to breeder, and the important thing is to find out what you actually get for your money. Has the puppy been vaccinated, de-wormed and checked by a vet? Are the parents vet-checked for hip dysplasia and other hereditary problems? Are the puppies well socialized? As you can see, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when you compare the Great Dane dog price offered by different breeders. A Great Dane dog price that sounds like a bargain can turn out to be a very expensive choice in the long run if the dog turns out to be of poor health.

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