Ring worm treatment

Ring worm treatment

By: Johan

Many people believe that ring worm is a one of those snakelike parasitic creatures that infest the intestines of mammals and cause trouble for its host. This is not correct as ring worm actually is a fungal infection of the skin, and therefore the ring worm treatment is very different from eating antiparasitic medication. Although people can be infected the most common victim of this disease is the household pet, especially cats or dogs. Caused by wet skin and poor hygiene there is obvious that free-roaming dogs and cats are at great risk, luckily there are ring worm treatments available for both humans and pets. Some concentrated information will follow.

Ring worm treatment in dogs
The ring worm will appear as a hairless blotch that slowly will increase in size and actually start to heal from the centre and out as the disease progresses. A medical ointment for ring worm treatment should be purchased from your veterinarian and applied on the rash after it has been carefully cleaned and dried. As it is quite difficult to get the dogs fur dry close to the body where it is most important a little shaving might be in order. Be careful though not to hurt your dog as the ring worm rash might be quite tender. For the very best ring worm treatment you should also try to cover the affected area with a dry dressing, but since the dog most probably will find this uncomfortable you would also need an Elizabethan collar, one of those cones that makes your dog unable to reach the infected area and lick the ring worm treatment away.

Ring worm treatment in cats
As this is a common disease for cats with long hair, a fair haircut should be first priority in the ring worm treatment. It will make the skin more acceptable to air and will make drying your cat much easier. The symptoms of the ring worm are much like on a dog, with hairless growing blotches that look infected at the edges. A close shave around the edges and appliance of antifungal ointment bought at the veterinarian is a good ring worm treatment. As with a dog, the best would be to cover the affected area with a dressing as a part of the ring worm treatment but as many cats tend to become crazy when having something stuck to them it is something that needs to be tested first. An Elizabethan collar might even make things worse and the cat could injure itself trying to get itself out of it. Try instead to get the cat to understand that the ointment is there to stay, no matter what.

Ring worm treatment in humans
Because humans have a little more discipline and the ring worm actually can heal itself, any ring worm treatment is not really needed. But if you don’t want to risk it and be careful about what you do all the time there are some great ointments to by over the counter at your pharmacist. The rash should be cleaned, dried carefully and then the ointment should be applied. Although this is the only method proven to work there are many home treatments in circulation and no one can say if they are efficient or not. Try if you feel adventurous.

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