Small Pets
Small Pets

Small Pets

Small pets are a collective name commonly used for a lot of small and not so small pets with fur. Here on AC you will find information on a number of different common small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and hamster but also on more unusual small pets such as Muntjac deer and sugar gliders.  You will find information on how to keep, care, breed and train different small animals as well as a lot of other information that can be useful to know when keeping these animals.

Small animals make good pets as they can be kept even in smaller homes. Some but not all species are suitable for children and while a guinea pig can be a good pet for a child a chinchilla isn't due to their fragile nature.

It is hard to give general instruction on how to keep small pets as each pet have their own requirements.  Generally speaking however can be said that the size of the habitat/cage you provide your small pet with must be in proportion to that pets size. A smaller animal need a smaller cage, larger pet needs a larger cage. The habitat need to offer the animal a place to hide, a place to sleep as well water and food. The bottom of the habitat should be covered with suitable bedding which bedding material you choose is up to you and their a large variety of beddings available.

All species need to be fed and given fresh water daily. Different small animals fed on different food items but most of them appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables. There are also commercial food available designed especially for most species of common small pets. You can read more about exactly what to feed your small pet in our species pages.

Some small pets (especially different types of rodents) can have the annoying habit of gnawing on different things like furniture and electric cables and need to be watch when out of their cage to make sure they don't damage the furniture or electrocute themselves.

Make sure that you choose a small animal that suits you and your situation. If you are unsure on which animal to choose we recommend reading up on all the species in this section.


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