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Although originated in Africa this special kind of goat has since the 1950s become an interesting pet in some households. In Africa the pygmy goat was bred for its meat and actually quite large production of milk but this has not come to interest for the general public in the world. Because of its small stature, never weighing more than 60 lb (40 kg) and that is a very fat pygmy goat mind you, it is used as pets instead of dogs and cats. In some countries there are even clubs for people that own pygmy goats.

The reason to the success of the pygmy goat is that is extremely hardy and can adapt to more or less any climate, no matter how cold or how hot. It is also alert, active, fun-loving, good-natured and responsive to learning. They can therefore replace the common dog as a house pet. The reason to why many people choose a pygmy goat instead of a dog, or anything more common than a pet goat, is the simple fact that the pygmy goat graces. For people that have large backyards and do not want to cut it all the time it is bliss to have a loving household pet that can help you out. Plus, if you have a female pygmy goat, you can also get fair provision of tasty milk. Now do not imagine that the taste is of cow milk immediately from the store, but processed and maybe turned into cheese, it is quite exquisite.

Much as a dog the pygmy goat is quite a social animal, used to live in herds, and should not be left alone for to long. Leaving a pygmy goat alone will make it stressed and uneasy, generally leading to some kind of problem. Of course most of these problems can be treated but buying them in pairs will ensure that the pygmy goats always have someone to play with and keep them company, no matter where you are.

As it used to from the African savannah, the pygmy goat will generally grace your lawn but will need some side orders to stay healthy. Just as the common deer, the pygmy goat requires quite a variety in its diet. Legume and grass hay is a perfect for the pygmy goat but bark, brush, and dry leaves might also need to be added. Like a cow the pygmy goat has 4 stomachs through which they process their food.

Within the first eighteen months of the pygmy goats life it is ready to breed, although it might happen earlier if you do not separate the young females from the old males. After mating the female pygmy goat carry the young for 5 months before giving birth to a number ranging between 1 to 4 kids. The newly born pygmy goats will start to nurse immediately and begin to eat regular food within a week. A month after the pygmy goat has been born it have been weaned and live like any other goat in the herd.

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