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Pygmy Goat Care

The pygmy goat was introduced to the American market from Africa in the 1950s. Being as small and good-natured as it is the pygmy goats were not thought of as food but of an amusing pet. From thereafter the success of the pygmy goat was obvious. Pygmy goat care clubs and organizations were started all over the world and today the pygmy goat is a common house pet for people living in farm areas and anywhere it is possible to have a large back yard. So if you qualify I see no reason for you not to get a pygmy goat and start reading these tips about pygmy goat care.

Pygmy goat care - Social life
The pygmy goat is an extremely social animal used to be living in herds on the African continent. If you buy one you will either need to stay home at all times or buy at least one more. Of course it is possible to own just one pygmy goat and not a herd but it will affect its mental health. The best pygmy goat care tip is to get your pygmy goat friends, even if it is not necessarily other pygmy goats. If other animals are introduced though, be sure that they are compatible with each other so they won’t injure each other once you leave for work.

Pygmy goat care - Housing
No matter how cute they are you will most probably not want your pygmy goat inside your house, sleeping in your bed and eating the furniture. A grassy outdoor enclosure with a relatively high fence for your active pygmy goats is an absolute necessity. For extra good pygmy goat care erect a small shed to cover your pygmy goats from the pouring rain or gazing sun.

Pygmy goat care - Feeding time
Although the pygmy goat most probably will start to grace your lawn right away when you get it home and that might work out just fine as long as there is grass, it actually prefers a bit variety in its diet, not unlike a deer. Mixing ordinary gracing with treats of legume and grass hay is a perfect proof of great pygmy goat care. Although once and awhile, bark, brush, and dry leaves might also be needed for your pygmy goats well-being. Like a cow the pygmy goat has 4 stomachs through which they process their food.

Pygmy goat care - Breed
Keep your goats separated by sex if you don’t want them to breed like rabbits. The pygmy goat can start to breed within its first eighteen months and if not kept apart a female pygmy goat can give birth to around 1 to 4 kids after 5 months. For good pygmy goat care the kids should be allowed to eat regular food within their first week alive. They are fast growers and will be weaned after just one month. For good pygmy goat care be sure to keep the female kids away from the adult males might try to mate with them immediately and hurt them while trying.


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