Human ring worm treatment

Human ring worm treatment

By: Johan

Although it is a common belief that the ring worm is a parasite that latch on to your intestines like most other diseases with the word worm in it, the ring worm is actually not and therefore the human ring worm treatment is different. It is a skin infection caused by a fungus living and feeding right below the surface of dead skin cells. It is usually quite contagious and once infected you should be careful not to infect anyone else. The causes of ring worm, other than immediate contact, are poor hygiene and simple wetness. The fungi just can not get a hold on a nicely cleaned and dried skin. If you are infected though, there are a lot of human ring worm treatments. Some are medically acknowledged and some are suspicious home remedies. Here you will be able to read about most human ring worm treatments.

Human ring worm treatment - Using nothing

The ring worm is actually not very dangerous and left alone it will eventually disappear. It is, though, important that you take good care of your skin and cover the infected area so it won’t spread to other people or to other parts of your body. For the best human ring worm treatment wash the rash carefully, removing any flaky skin or loose hairs, and then dry carefully. A hairdryer set on a cold setting is perfect for this. Then use a dressing that really allows breathing to cover the rash and fixate it with hygienic tape. Use a new dressing every time you repeat this and never ever let your dressing to get wet. The fungi is not particularly fond of sunlight, it is possible that tanning the affected area can help although it has not been proven in any way.

Human ring worm treatment -Everything including the kitchen sink

As the human ring worm treatment above it is quite important that you carefully wash and cover your infection to avoid spreading the disease. The difference is that you apply some help that you can easily find by your own. A paste made from either papaya, mustard seeds, butea seeds mixed with lime juice, cassia leaves, holy basil, coconut oil or turmeric juice can be applied to the affected area before putting the dressing in place. In some cases, as with the turmeric juice, a small quantity taken orally will help with your recovery. A five day all-fruit diet and avoiding coffe, tea and light bread is also said to help in the human ring worm treatment although it is not very likely.

Ring worm treatment Human - The pharmacy way

Now here is a human ring worm treatment that has proven to be effective and, to be honest, it is cheap enough to buy so there should not be any hesitation to go for this. The human ring worm treatment still includes careful cleaning, drying and covering but now with an ointment applied. The ointment is an antifungal medication that slowly will break down the ring worm. The process might seem a bit slow but as other human ring worm treatments can take several months, a couple of weeks won’t be that bad. This human ring worm treatment can be bought at your local pharmacy, just ask the pharmacists and they will help you.

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