Home treatment for ring worm

Home treatment for ring worm

By: Johan

Although there are medical treatments that are proven effective some people want to go the natural way and solve the problem on their own with home treatment for ring worm. That is just fine as long as they see to it that they do not spread the disease to others, it is a responsibility that comes along no matter what. Many of the home treatments for ring worm have not been proven to either cure or worsen the ring worm infection so there is actually no way to judge them. They are what they are and should be thought of as such, home treatments for ring worm. Now if you are serious about getting rid of the ring worm by yourself, keep on reading to get some information and advice on exactly what it is your are tackling.

Home treatment for ring worm - What is ring worm?

The ring worm is an actually nothing else but a fungal infection under the layer of dead cells on the skin. The fungus grows in a circular shape and the centre will eventually start to heal as the infection grows, thus giving it its ring-shape from which it has gotten its name. It might sound bad but it is really no big thing and can actually cure itself in due time. It is there home treatment for ring worm comes in, helping the natural process a little and removing the conditions that make fungi growth possible.

Home treatment for ring worm - What you should think of first of all

The main theme in home treatment for ring worm is to keep the rash clean and dry as fungus thrives in moist and unhygienic conditions. A shave might be needed to clear up the area around the infection and after it has been carefully cleaned a hair-drier with a setting for cold air could be used to get the skin dry. The greatest home treatment for ring worm can be achieved if you have dressings lying around as these can be used to cover the area, but they need to be changed every time you remove the old one and you can not ever let your dressing get wet. Getting a tan is also a great home treatment for ring worm since fungus doesn’t enjoy sunlight very much.

Home treatment for ring worm - What can be applied?

If you want to help out the natural healing process a little there are a lot of things that can be applied as an additional home treatment for ring worm. Any ointment containing miconazole and clotrimazole can be used or if you prefer a more natural course there are several fruits and herbs that are suitable. Applying paste made from either papaya, mustard seeds, butea seeds mixed with lime juice, cassia leaves, holy basil, coconut oil or turmeric juice is a great way of practicing home treatment for ring worm. None of them is proven to help though, but neither is the opposite.

Home treatment for ring worm - Eat right

Some even stress that eating right could help out with the natural home treatment for ring worm. Coffee, tea, sugar, white flour products, and tinned or bottled foods should be avoided and instead a five day diet of all-fruit should commence. Vegetables and wholegrain products are also a piece of the home treatment for ring worms. It is also good for your health so there is a lot to be gained

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