Dog Care

Dog Care

Beagle puppy

In this section you will find information about how to best care for your dog and how to provide it with an ideal home. Making sure that your dog is happy is in your best interest as the dog will be more loving, active and obedient if it feels happy and secure in its environment.

There are many different opinions on what constitutes good dog care and that is not surprising as there are many different dog breeds that all require different care. Different individuals of the same breed can also require different care due to individual peculiarities, health conditions and life style. A small lap dog does not need exactly the same care as a large saint Bernhard; a short hair dog will not have the same requirements a long haired species; and so on.

So, what exactly is dog care? I would like to define it as the total attention you give to your dog. Dog care includes dog grooming, dog training and dog health concerns as well as the diet you give them and the love you show them. In short, dog care is the sum of all the factors that you can influence when it comes to the well being of your dog.

Dog care should be a joy for both you and your dog. Sure it can feel though sometimes when you’re tired or stressed out, but overall it should be a joy to care for and interact with your dog. If it doesn’t feel like that you might want to consider if a dog companion is the right choice for you.

It is hard not to say impossible to give general advice with regards to dog care due to the different needs of different dogs. It can however be said that you should make sure that your dog gets a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients it needs without overfeeding it. You should also groom your dog in a way that is suitable for your particular dog species. That can mean daily combing for some breeds, while other breeds need less frequent attention. Another important part is to train your dog so that it feels secure in its role and know what you expect of it; what it can and can’t do. You should also check for signs of disease and in case the dog show signs of disease you should make sure that it gets the medical care it needs. You are also responsible for providing your dog with suitable amounts and types of exercise and social interaction.

I strongly recommend that you read about caring for your specific dog breed and what that entails to get a better grasp of how to care for your dog. If you are still considering getting a dog it is a good idea to research the care needs of different breeds to make sure that you choose a breed which care level matches your ambitions and life style. If you know you don’t have the time or energy to go out running with your dog every day you might be better of choosing a dog that doesn’t need too much exercise. If you don’t want to spent a lot of time each night combing your dog you might not want to choose long haired species that require a lot of grooming, and so on.

You can find information on how to care for different dog breeds by browsing this site and by visiting other sites around the web.