Boxer Resources


The Boxer dog is a stocky, medium-sized dog with an exceptionally strong jaw. The Boxer have a square muzzle and an underbite, which makes it ideally suited for biting and hanging on to large and powerful prey. It can trace its ancestry back to the Bullenbeisser, a very strong hunting dog traditionally used to hunt bear and wild boar in Europe. The Bullenbeisser could seize and hold a prey until the hunters arrived. The Bullenbeisser is today extinct, but its genes lives on in many other dog breeds. The Boxer was developed in Germany by crossing Bullenbeisser dogs with English Bulldogs. During World War I, the Boxer was given new tasks by the military and it became an appreciated pack-carrier, guard dog and messenger dog. Its traditional hunting skills also made it en excellent attack dog for the military. After World War II, American soldiers brought Boxer dogs back home to the United States where the breed soon gained a lot of popularity as a pet dog.    

If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of the Boxer and how to properly care for you Boxer friend, you can visit the following the resource pages

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