Save Water, Or Risk Killing Goldie

This is certainly an interesting way to get people interested in conserving our planets’ water supply.

It appears that finally someone has come up with a way for us to be more conscientious of how much water we use.. Use less, or kill of your friend.. A rather ingenious, if a little sadistic, designer by the name of Yan Lu has come up with a sink that basically threatens to kill off an innocent goldfish if you use too much water when washing your hands.

It works much on the same principal as a toilet. As you wash your hands the water slowly empties out of a bowl which houses your friendly neighborhood goldfish, and when you are finished, gradually places more water back into the bowl.

The invention has been dubbed the “Poor Little Fishbowl Sink” and has been making quite a big splash in articles around the globe. You don’t need to worry about washing your hands with fishy water either, the water from the bowl empties into a different place, and doesn’t come out of the tap.

Of course, Yan Lu is not a sadist, so the bowl will never completely empty, though you can bet the poor goldfish is getting quite a workout on the old heart every time his home starts to disappear!

Lu is quoted as saying on his website: “As consumption is incalculable, saving is often neglected through daily consumption. Rather than forcing people to consume less, thus depressing the using experience, Poor Little Fish basin offers an emotional way to persuade consumers to think about saving water, by making consumption tangible.”

Way to go and help save the planet Lu! A few stressed out goldfish is worth it, if we can help ourselves to stop being so selfish by wasting water.