Sara Palin – a disaster for the environment!?

It seems like every blog have published at least one post about republican vice president candidate Sara Palin. I therefore thought I would write a few words about her policy and history in relation to environmental protection, something that likely is important to all those who read this blog.

I am sorry to say that Palins record in regard to environmental protection is less than stellar and if she is elected it can be a disaster for the environment if the history says anything about the future. Why do I say this? This is why!

She advocated AGAINST pollution control

She supports aerial hunting of wolves even though it was outlawed by Congress and is using a loophole in the law to allow it.

She fighting to prevent Belugas from being listed as endangered.

She is supporting hunting black bear sows and cubs.

She is trying to get polar bears delisted as a threatened species.

She wants to permit oil drilling in the Arctic national wildlife refuge. An action that might threaten to destroy 1.5 MILLION ACRES all though oil companies claim only 2000 acres will be effected.

polar bear

I normally don’t post about political issues here but I thought I would make an exception in this case as it is frightening to think about what she might do to conservation efforts on a national scale if she was to become vice president or even president considering her actions so far in Alaska. The other candidates might not have the best environmental platforms but Palins record makes the other three involved in the race at this stage (McCain, Obama, and Biden) look like saints. She might have other qualities but it seems to me that McCain would have had a hard time to choose a worse vice president candidate if you look at environment alone.