Human tick removal

Human tick removal

By: Johan

Most people living close to nature, or at least have a countryside cabin, have encountered the bloodsucking parasite that we all know as the tick. Now do not confuse human tick as a special kind of tick, all ticks see all mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians as potential hosts. Although you would not think it the tick is actually related to the spider, but not very closely. The human tick is not very different than any other tick and human tick removal is as disposing of any other tick. And it should be removed as the human tick is just as much a disease carrier like any other tick, the tick in general being number two in the world when it comes to spreading diseases. The ticks are actually not contagious from birth but will work as a reservoir for any disease that it comes in contact with while feeding. The tick will hide in high grass while waiting for a suitable host to pass by and although many believe that the tick can jump it actually just grabs on as the host brushes against the grass. Careful human tick removal is extremely prudent since an injured tick can do much more damage than a whole one can.

Human tick removal – Under your skin
When the tick has found a suitable host it will scout for a nice place to make its bite. The human tick prefers dark and moist places with thin skin. In other words are the hollows of the knees, the armpits and the area around the groin the common places to find human ticks in. But do not be fooled, the tick might decide to bite anywhere so do not neglect to check your entire body if you have visited wild nature. If you find the spot hard to reach, ask someone to help you with the human tick removal. The mouth of all ticks is formed like a harpoon with which it secures itself in place while feeding. You won’t feel a thing from this bite since the tick will spit a painkiller simultaneously as it bites, rendering the experience painless. This harpoon-shape is the problem when it comes to human tick removal, some parts of the tick are stuck under the skin.

Human tick removal – The way
For a perfect human tick removal result every time you should read this carefully, it is quite easy and you will understand why it’s the best way to go, all you need are a pair of tweezers. Grab hold of the tick as close to the skin as possible, using the tweezers, and just pull it straight out with a slow and yet firm motion. Grabbing the tick as close to the skin as possible and pulling gently allows you to get the whole tick in one move. Twisting, yanking or grabbing it with your fingers will increase the risk of the mouth to get stuck in your skin, leaking disease into your bloodstream. While performing human tick removal, making the tick sick is nothing you want to achieve.

Human tick removal – No way
There are several bad ways for human tick removal and although some of them have been recommended several years ago they have now been proven ineffective and unsafe. Applying ointment, nail polisher or gasoline will only sicken the tick, making it spew disease into your bloodstream, so will also crushing, puncturing, or squeezing the body of the tick. Using a lit match to burn the tick while it is still attached to the skin is just stupid, it will injure the host more than the tick. Injuring yourself is just bad human tick removal technique.

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