Flea bite treatment

Flea bite treatment

By: Johan

The fleas are a very pesky vermin that everyone that have come in contact with know exactly how hard they are to get rid of. The flea is a parasitic insect that forms colonies on its host and drink its blood for sustenance. The flea can carry diseases such as the bubonic plague or the tapeworm parasite. Therefore it is crucial that you treat the infestation as soon as possible. The bites on the other hand are most often just a nuisance that might in some cases become a problem since it creates a terrible rash. This is due to an allergic reaction to the fleas saliva, some are more allergic some are less. A short list of different things you can do as a flea bite treatment, meant to sooth the rash and itchiness, will now follow.

Flea bite treatment – Sit on your hands
That is right. Doing nothing is also a solution since the flea bite is not really dangerous in any way and does not need any flea bite treatment. Just avoid scratching the bite since this can induce secondary infections that just will itch even more and take even longer to heal. Ignore the bites, watch a good movie and eat your favourite food. Now that is a flea bite treatment.

Flea bite treatment – Keep clean
Just washing the bites is a prefect way to sooth the itchiness. It will keep the bites clean and give you a chance to rub, not scratch rub, the bites under running water. Wash yourself with an antiseptic soap to reduce the risk of infection in the bites. Half the thing with flea bite treatment is keeping a good hygiene.

Flea bite treatment – Cold
As the flea bites tend to swell a little due to the allergic reaction it can help by just cooling the bites off. Use an icepack frequently to help relieve the swelling. The cold icepack over the flea bites will also help sooth the itchiness, now isn’t that a simple flea bite treatment that more or less anyone can follow.

Flea bite treatment – Your medical cabinet
Although there are not many specific products as flea bite treatments there are other things that work just as well. Regular ointments with 1% hydrocortisone that are used for various insect bites can be bought at any well supplied store and is a perfect flea bite treatment since they not only will sooth the itchiness but also disinfect the bites. Check your medical cabinet, there might be something left behind from when you got stung by that bee last summer.

Flea bite treatment – Allergy medicine
If you are allergic to something and have medications for this, chances are that it contains antihistamine. Since the flea bite is an allergic reaction against the fleas saliva, this means that your medicine can work against the bites also. Use your medicine as you would against any normal allergy and you will see it that it also works perfectly as a flea bite treatment.

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