Flea and tick removal

Flea and tick removal

By: Johan

Both the flea and tick are carriers of diseases which makes them urgent to get rid of. The flea is a carrier of the tapeworm parasite and the bubonic plague, the tick of countless diseases, some quite trivial and some lethal. Flea and tick removal is absolutely crucial if you want to live a long and prosperous life. Therefore these tips will hopefully help you in tackling the issue of flea and tick removal.

Flea and tick removal – Flea colony
As fleas are very likely to colonize your dog, your bunny rabbit or even your own hair, there are some things that need to be thought of. For a household pet, you can buy flea shampoo or flea medication from your veterinarian, who also can tell you a lot about flea and tick removal, and then follow the instructions. When it comes to humans you could use any medical treatment available at the pharmacy but are recommended not to, many fleas have become resistant to the products and overusing them will ensure that even more will become resistant. Instead, consider the old-fashioned solution of combing out all the fleas and eggs out of the hair. There are special kinds of combs for this available at your pharmacy and they can give you advice when it comes to flea and tick removal.

Flea and tick removal – Flea pest control
To keep the fleas of your pets a flea collar can be most effective, just don’t forget to change them once and awhile so you won’t allow them to loose their effect over time. Washing the pets resting basket on a regular basis and vacuuming frequently will keep the fleas away, and is an excellent way for flea and tick removal. Putting a mothball inside your vacuum will ensure that no infestations will spring out of there later. Otherwise there are lots of different sprays, “bombs” and treatments to buy and try against large infestations, but the best thing is probably to hire a professional exterminator. They will know all the tricks of the trade and will do an efficient job. And hopefully they can give you some tips on how to avoid performe flea and tick removal in the future.

Flea and tick removal – Tick anchored
The ticks mouth looks a little as a harpoon which it uses to anchor itself in place. There have been many different methods of removing ticks over the years but there is only one that has proved to be both safe and efficient. Using a pair of tweezers, grab the tick as close to the hosts skin as possible and gently pull it straight out. No need for ointments, liquids, crushing or twisting. Just one gentle pull is all that is needed. That was the easiest part when in comes to flea and tick removal.

Flea and tick removal – Tick pest control
To get rid of ticks it will be a good idea to get rid of all other pests first, such as mice and rats. Without a good first host to feed on the tick larvae will simply starve to death. Another great way is to let the mice and rats build their nests out of stuff that you provide them with, stuff that has been treated with chemicals that kill ticks. You can also spray your clothes with permethrin spray for protection while moving through wild nature. The tick will not infest your house as fleas do so any rigorous knowledge in flea and tick removal will not be needed here.

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