Flea bite

Flea bite

By: Johan

The flea is one of mans most hated vermin, not only are they disgusting but they bite and are hard to get rid of. Although a flea bite is not dangerous it is annoying and the bites usually itch a lot. Those who have encountered fleas or been a host of a flea colony knows how bad it can become, people with pets how frustrating it is as the fleas just keep coming back again and again and again.

Flea bite – The flea life
The flea begins its life as an egg, once it has hatched the egg a flea larva to the world. You will not need to worry about flea bites from the larvae since they only feed on organic debris such as hairs and dead skin. The larvae will also swallow tapeworm eggs as the eating machine as it is, making it a carrier of the tapeworm parasite for the rest of its life. When the flea larva has eaten full it will spin a cocoon and go through its next phase as a pupa. The fleas can stay as the pupae almost for as long as it likes until it can feel the presence of a nearby host. Therefore flea infestation is a common problem when moving into a building that has been empty for a while. The pupa will open and reveal an adult flea, ready to colonize its host, drink its blood through flea bites, mate and lay new eggs.

Flea bite – Itchy saliva
Although the flea can spread serious diseases such as the bubonic plague the actual flea bite is not that dangerous. The rash that the flea bite is known to cause is usually allergic reactions to the fleas saliva and will disappear as soon as you get rid of the fleas. In some rare cases though, the flea bite can cause a severe allergic reaction that will need medical attention. To sooth the irritated skin and the terrible itch treat the flea bite as any other insect bite. There are many products to buy at your local pharmacy that you can use.

Flea bite – Battle of the hair
The itchiness and rash of the flea bites is more or less enough to conclude that you or your pet has become a host to a flea colonization. For your pets there are special medications and shampoos to use, bought at your veterinarian. Just washing the animal thoroughly might do the trick but you would not want to risk that only one of those flea eggs survive, or soon you will see the signs of flea bites again. There are also medical treatments for humans but you would want to reconsider that, overuse of shampoo that is supposed to kill fleas has lead to a new breed of fleas that are resistant. Instead, try the old-fashioned approach and just comb the fleas out of your hair. There are special combs to find at the pharmacy, just ask for it if you can’t find it. It is both effective and cheap, in just a week or so you will notice a difference in the flea bites.

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