Tick bite treatment

Tick bite treatment

By: Johan

As there are so many different kinds of diseases that a tick can spread, there are also a lot of different tick bite treatments, all of which involve going to the hospital. The best way should be to avoid tick bites at all cost by just stay clear of ticks in general. Avoid areas where the ticks thrive, cover your body and tuck your pants into your socks, wear light colored clothing so you easier can spot a tick on you and check your body ever time you have been hiking. If a tick is found and it has attached itself, remove it carefully by grabbing it as close to the skin as possible using a pair of tweezers and pull. You might need to wash the bite with some alcohol. It will reduce the risk of infection and might kill some of the nastier diseases in the process. Now for a short list of diseases spread by ticks and tick bite treatments

Tick bite treatment – Relapsing fever
The relapsing fever is actually just a lighter version of the lyme disease. It can easily be treated with 1-2 weeks of antibiotics. Usually people will experience an extreme recovery in just 24 hours after starting the tick bite treatment.

Tick bite treatment – Lyme disease
As it is a very common disease it also has a tick bite treatment that is quite common. Antibiotics should be eaten for a period between 2 weeks to one month. If the lyme disease has gone into its later phase, immune suppression, seizures, vision problems and general pain in muscle and joints, it is probable that the infection has affected the brain and therefore antibiotics IV will be a part of the tick bite treatment.

Tick bite treatment – Rocky Mountain spotted fever
An antibiotic tick bite treatment should be begun as soon as the doctor believes it to be Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The doctor should not even wait for the test results as this disease can become much harder to cure the longer it is allowed to roam freely inside the body.

Tick bite treatment – Tularemia
This is a highly contagious disease, actually one of the most infective bacteria known to man. Therefore it has been researched on how to make this into a weapon and that research led to some of the tick bite treatments available for this disease today. Streptomycin, gentamicin, tetracycline or fluoroquinolone antibiotics can be used as a tick bite treatment for this otherwise dangerous disease.

Tick bite treatment – Tick-borne meningoencephalitis
As this is a viral disease there is no known cure. The human medical research has not thus reached that far to have a tick bite treatment available. Therefore, if you feel that you are at risk you should consider vaccination as a preventive tick bite treatment. Although simply resting can cure this disease and its lethality only is 1.2%, there is a 15-20% risk for chronic damage to the central nervous system.

Tick bite treatment – Colorado tick fever
Although the Colorado tick fever might resemble a mix of the relapsing fever and the Rocky Mountain spotted fever they are not related. The Colorado tick fever is viral and just as with TBE there is no tick bite treatment. You are just going to ride out the storm as with any other flu or cold.

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