Tick bite symptom

Tick bite symptom

By: Johan

A regular tick bite usually doesn’t give any specific symptoms as the bite itself is quite harmless. The typical tick bite symptom has very much in common with the bite of a mosquito, a small bump that is itchy. In some occasions a thin light red circle will appear around the bite. This might be a tick bite symptom of lyme disease but usually it is just nothing and the tick bite symptoms will disappear.

Tick bite symptom – Relapsing fever
The relapsing fever is actually just a lighter version of the lyme disease. The tick bite symptoms of this disease are sudden attacks of fever and illness that after a week disappears, just to be back a couple of weeks later just as sudden. This cycle will repeat until treated.

Tick bite symptom – Lyme disease
The lyme disease is the most common disease spread by ticks and can become very serious if not treated. The very first and most obvious tick bite symptom is if a rash starts to grow around the area of the bite. The rash will be brightly red and does not need to have any special form. If not detected, fever, headache and general illness will follow. At this point it is time to get to the hospital, if left untreated for longer than a month immune suppression, seizures, vision problems and general pain in muscle and joints will be added to the general tick bite symptoms. Go to a hospital as soon as possible.

Tick bite symptom – Rocky Mountain spotted fever
This can at first be a very difficult disease to diagnose since there is nothing special with the tick bite symptoms while they are in their first phase. A typical sign of common illness is all you will experience. Then comes the second phase with its own set of tick bite symptoms, and then it is obvious. A brightly red and slightly raised rash will show itself and that is what doctors use for diagnosis.

Tick bite symptom – Tularemia
The tularemia is also known as rabbit fever. Although extremely dangerous if not treated the tick bite symptoms are quite trivial with similarities with the common flu. The tissue around the area of the tick bite might also die, being another and more specific kind of tick bite symptom.

Tick bite symptom – Tick-borne meningoencephalitis
Also known as TBE it is a tick-borne viral infection that affects the central nervous system. The tick bite symptoms are clear as the disease affects the membrane that surrounds the brain, the spinal cord and the brain itself. Headaches, muscular pain, fever and decreased mobility will be experienced as tick bite symptoms. There is no cure except resting and although is has a lethality of only 1.2%, there is a 15-20% risk for chronic damage to the central nervous system.

Tick bite symptom – Colorado tick fever
This disease is sort of like a mix of the relapsing fever and the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The tick bite symptoms include both the returning fever cycle of the relapsing fever and the rash of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, although both tend to be lighter than its original. The returning fever usually has a shorter cycle than the relapsing fever though. Another tick bite symptom is sensitivity to light, especially sunlight.

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