Dog tick removal

Dog tick removal

By: Johan

Pet owners should be most familiar to the very common dog tick, even if they live close to nature and not, pets will get ticks sometime. Although many think that the dog tick will not feed on humans it actually will if it gets a chance to. Like all other ticks, the dog tick considers all mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians as potential hosts. This means that the tick comes in contact with many diseases and acts as a reservoir for them. Therefore dog tick removal and disposal is absolutely crucial for a good health. The dog tick is an arachnid parasite that feeds on the blood of others and can be found mostly in the wild nature. The dog tick will be in high growing grass just waiting for a suitable host to pass by. Since the tick can not jump, although it is a common misconception that they can, it simply grabs onto whatever brushes against in. Once attached to the skin dog tick removal can be a little tricky, but if you know how to do it and have the right tools there will not be any problems whatsoever.

Dog tick removal – Drop anchor
The tick will most often find a dark and moist place with thin skin to feed, this means that the area around the collar is quite popular on your pets and that the hollows of the knees, the armpits and the area around the groin are very common places to find ticks in. If you find it difficult to reach by yourself, ask someone to help with your dog tick removal. The mouth of the dog tick is shaped as a harpoon with which it anchors itself in place. One might think that a thing like that plunging into the skin might hurt, and it would if the tick would not secrete a mild painkiller at the same time. Because of the bite works like an anchor the dog tick removal can be a little painful. But it is worth it since the diseases the dog tick carry can be much, much more painful over a longer period of time.

Dog tick removal – Good
Although there actually have been trends when it comes to dog tick removal, one has now come here to stay. It is safe, efficient and fast and one might wonder why it has not been the only way during the course of time. All needed is a pair of tweezers. Grab the tick, using the tweezers, as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out with one slow and yet firm motion. There will not be any need for twisting or yanking. The most important thing with dog tick removal is that the entire tick is removed uninjured.

Dog tick removal – Bad
Any other way for dog tick removal is just bad as they will dramatically increase the risk of infection, some treatment might even injure the host more than the tick. Using a sharp object or burning the tick while its still attached to the skin for example is just a way of injuring yourself. To crush, puncture, or squeeze the body of the tick is also a very bad dog tick removal technique as it probably will make the thick spew disease into your bloodstream. This also concerns trying to kill the tick by applying ointments, gasoline or nail polisher. The tick has sufficient air to survive, all that might happen is that it gets sick and throws up.

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