Tiger Shrimp – caridina serrata (caridina sp)
Tiger Shrimp  – caridina serrata (caridina sp)

Tiger Shrimp – caridina serrata (caridina sp)

Species name: caridina sp or caridina serrata

Common name: Tiger Shrimp

Family: Atyidae

Order: Decapoda

Class: Malacostraca

Maximum size: 1.5 inches

Coloration: A clear or opaque coloration with black stripes throughout body resembling the stripping on a tiger.

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Southern China

Temperament: peaceful

Company: Other shrimp of like size and peaceful fish. Tetras are a great match for this species. No large or aggressive fish

Water parameters: pH 6.4 – 7.2, soft water, ammonia and nitrites 0 ppm, temperature 70-78 F. Best colors are shown at lower temps.

Aquarium setup: Leafy plants and moss are a great addition so the shrimp can hang on the leaves. A planted tank is recommended as the shrimp are very unstable with any level of ammonia or nitrite.

Feeding: Filter feeder that will devour fallen foods on ground and plants. Also will devour algae. Will accept most wafers like algae and micro fish wafers.

Breeding: Soft acidic water with a cooler water temperature will often start a breeding cycle. Acidic water will greatly benefit new hatchlings. Male to female ratio at 1:1 due to not being a readily breeding species.

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