Bamboo Shrimp – Atyopsis moluccensis
Bamboo Shrimp  – Atyopsis moluccensis

Bamboo Shrimp – Atyopsis moluccensis

Species name: Atyopsis moluccensis

Common name: Singapore Wood Shrimp, Flower Shrimp, Wood Shrimp, Asian Fan Shrimp, Bamboo Shrimp

Family: Atyidae

Order: Decapoda

Class: Malacostraca

Maximum size: 4-5 inches

Coloration: Most species are a brown base color with a tan strip running from head to tail. They vary greatly in color however. Some a greenish yellow or even red as the base color.

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Southern Asia

Temperament: peaceful

Company: The shrimp is clawless and therefore harmless to fish. Should not be kept with large cichlids or aggressive fish however as it will be viewed as a meal. Same size shrimp are easily kept with the species also. Tetra and mid sized non aggressive fish are common tankmates.

Bamboo Shrimp
Bamboo Shrimp - Picture by Dragon goby
Water parameters: pH 6.5 – 7.4, soft water, ammonia and nitrites 0 ppm, temperature 73-82 F..

Aquarium setup: A planted tank is recommended as the shrimp are very unstable with any level of ammonia or nitrite. Caves or hiding areas are also helpful since this is a larges species of shrimp. Driftwood is highly recommended as they will colonize on the piece.

Feeding: Probably one of the best filter feeding by nature but will eat pellets and wafers. They appreciate driftwood also.

Breeding: Extremely hard to breed. Limited information is available on breeding in captivity. Brackish water is required for the hatchlings to thrive and develop and then can be transferred to freshwater after properly acclimating.

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