Red Bee Shrimp – Caridina C. cf. cantonensis
Red Bee Shrimp – Caridina C. cf. cantonensis

Red Bee Shrimp – Caridina C. cf. cantonensis

Species name: caridina C. cf. cantonensis

Common name: Crystal Red Shrimp, Red Bee Shrimp, Bee Shrimp

Family: Atyidae

Order: Decapoda

Class: Malacostraca

Maximum size: 1 inch

Coloration: Red and white body with alternating striped markings from head to tail. Resembles the stripping of the American flag.

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Japan

Temperament: peaceful

Company: Other shrimp of like size and peaceful fish. Best not kept with other caridina species as aggression may occur. Tetras are a great match for this species. No large or aggressive fish

Water parameters: pH 6.5 – 7.3, soft to hard water, ammonia and nitrites 0 ppm, temperature 68-78 F. Best colors are shown at lower temps.

Aquarium setup: Leafy plants and moss are a great addition so the shrimp can hang on the leaves. A planted tank is recommended as the shrimp are very unstable with any level of ammonia or nitrite.

Feeding: Moss and riccia will keep them happy and provide a great snack. They are also filter feeders as most shrimps are. They will pick up debris in the substrate and on plants. They should also accept wafers such as NLS H2) Stable Wafers, Hikari Micro Wafers, or algae wafers.

Breeding: Easily breed in the aquarium. Soft and acidic water will often cause a spawning if proper ratio is establishes. Ideal ratio is around 2 males to 3 females

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