Yamato Shrimp – Caridina japonica
Yamato Shrimp – Caridina japonica

Yamato Shrimp – Caridina japonica

Species name: caridina japonica

Common name: Amano Algae Eating Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Yamato Shrimp, Yamato numa-ebi, and Japanese Marsh Shrimp

Family: Atyidae

Order: Decapoda

Class: Malacostraca

Maximum size: 2 Inches / 5 cm

Coloration: Brown or opaque looking color. Small tan spots from lines down the back of the shrimp. Along its sides are small red dots forming broken lines from front to rear. Commonly there are a few black or white spots throughout the body of the shrimp.

Environment: Freshwater / Brackish Water

Origin: Yamato region of Japan

Temperament: Peaceful

Company: Smaller tetra and community fish. No larger or aggressive natured fish.

Yamato Shrimp
Yamato Shrimp - Picture by Dragon Goby
Water parameters: pH 6.7 – 7.7, soft to hard, slightly acidic, temperature 68-78 F

Aquarium setup: Medium to heavy planted tank with stable water conditions. The shrimp will quickly adapt to freshwater and ph conditions but are susceptible to even low levels of ammonia and nitrites.

Feeding: Crab Bites, Algae, Filter Feeders of fallen food, black beard algae, brown algae

Breeding: Extremely hard to breed. Larvae must be hatched in brackish water than can slowly be acclimated to freshwater after the first week

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