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New Website

New Website

Welcome to the new   The new layout is only available on selected pages and will be slowly rolled out as I am able to iron out bugs and other features.  Right now the only new page that is visible is the index page. I will update this page as i add the new layout to new sections.

I am doing it in baby steps since AC is a very large website and I do not want any mistakes to affect all pages.  It is better that the bugs can be discovered on a single affected page before I update more pages.

The new layout is very different from the old one and i know that some people will not like it.  The old layout do however work very poorly on mobile devices and we have to change with the times.  The version of the index page you can see right now is not the final version. It will develop over the coming weeks.  The main focus right now is to make sure that it loads fast and that it scales well on different devices.

The new layout is a little bit disappointing at the moment. But i am sure the end result will be great.

I usually aim high end up changing nothing.  This time i want to change one small thing after the other and hopefully bring AC into the modern era.