Clown Killifish - Pseudepiplatys annulatus Pseudepiplatys annulatus
Clown Killifish


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Clown Killifish - Pseudepiplatys annulatus

Species name: Pseudepiplatys annulatus

Synonym: Aplocheilus annulatus, Haplochilus annulatus, Panchax annulatus, Pseudepiplatys annulatus

Common Names: Clown Killifish. Clown Panchax, Rocket Killifish, Rocket Panchax

Family: Aplocheilidae

Order: Cyprinodontiformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max. size: 4 cm / 1,5 inches

Environment: Fresh water

Origin: Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

Temperament: Peaceful, timid

Company: Other small peaceful fish.

Water parameters: pH 6.0-7.2, temperature 23 - 25°C / 73 - 77° F

Aquarium setup: Pseudepiplatys annulatus (Clown Killifish) can as most killies be kept in small aquariums. Best kept in groups in heavily planted aquariums. Clean and soft water are a requirement. Make sure that your aquarium is well shut since these fishes are excellent jumpers. Not an annual killi.

Feeding: Accepts most foods including flakes.

Breeding: Breed as other egg-scattering killies. The female lays a few eggs every day. Pseudepiplatys annulatus (Clown Killifish) will rarely eat their fry so they are very suitable for a permanent heavily planted breeding aquarium. The eggs will hatch in the aquarium. Feed fry hatched brine shrimp.

Pseudepiplatys annulatus -  Clown Killifish. Clown Panchax picture
Picture of Clown Killifish. Clown Panchax - Pseudepiplatys annulatus. Copyright

 Clown Killifish. Clown Panchax - Pseudepiplatys annulatus picture
Pseudepiplatys annulatus - Clown Panchax, Clown Killifish picture. Copyright

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Clown Killifish - Pseudepiplatys annulatus