Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta splendens Betta pugnax
Siamese Fighting Fish


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Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta splendens

Betta Fish

Species name: Betta splendens

Synonym: None

Common Names: Siamese fighting fish

Family: Osphronemidae

Order: Perciformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Max. size: 6.5 cm / 2.5 inches

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: Asia. Mekong basin.

Temperament: Relatively non aggressive except towards other males.

Company: Peaceful fishes.

Water parameters: pH 6.0-8.0, temperature 24- 30°C / 75 - 86° F

Aquarium setup: Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) are best kept in a warm well planted aquariums with floating plants. Only keep one male in an aquarium unless it’s very big since they will fight to the death. Create hiding places for the females. It’s recommended keeping more females then males. Do not keep with fin nippers. Current should be kept to a minimum in the aquarium.

Feeding: Accepts most small foods including flakes.

Breeding: Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) are easily breed. The males build a nest of small bubbles. Low water levels simulate breeding. The breeding aquarium should be heavily planted with floating plants which can serve as substrate for the bubble nest. Remove the female once she laid he eggs or if she gets to badly beaten. The male will guard the eggs until the fry are free swimming. At this point the male should be removed. More info on breeding Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) can be found in our article section.

Betta Splendens

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Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta splendens