Clarkii Clownfish – Amphiprion clarkii

Common name: Clarkii Clownfish, Clark’s clownfish, Sebae Clownfish
Scientific name: Amphiprion clarkii
Max size:5.5 in / 14 cm


Two black clownfish. Copyright

The Clarkii clownfish is one of the hardiest and friendliest clownfish species available in the aquarium trade. You can usually find both tank bred and wild caught specimens in the trade. Tank breed specimens are to be preferred if you have the choice as they are hardier and don’t strain the wild populations. The Clarkii clownfish is the most commonly bred clownfish in the USA. It is native to the Indo Pacific Ocean.

The Clarkii clownfish has a higher body than many other species of clownfish. The body is yellow to orange with vertical white stripes.

Like most other clownfish the Clarkii clownfish doesn’t need to be kept with an anemone in the aquarium, but prefers having one. The Clarkii clownfish accepts a long row of different anemones including Sebae anemone (hence it´s other name Sebae Clownfish), carpet anemones, bubble tip anemones and long tentacle anemones. It usually also accepts corals as hosts.

This species is reef safe and more than one Clarkii clownfish can be kept in the same aquarium. The Clarkii clownfish can however be aggressive toward other clownish. Clarkii clownfish is best kept with other small and friendly reef safe fish and invertebrates. Do not keep with small shrimps as they might get eaten.

Aquarium setup

They should be kept in aquariums no smaller than 30 gallons / 120 L. The aquarium should be decorated with plenty of hiding places among rocks and caves. The tank should also conation a lot of live rock that the Clarkii clownfish can graze on. This species does very well in a reef aquarium. It does as earlier mentioned not require an anemone but providing it with an anemone can help reduce stress and increase the chance of spawning if they are kept in an aquarium with bigger or more aggressive species. They feel safer with an anemone but they do fine without one as well. It is best to buy juvenile fish or already mated pairs.

Feeding Clarkii clownfish

The Clarkii clownfish is an omnivore that is easy to feed as it accepts most foods including flake food made for marine aquariums. They should be provided with a varied diet that contains both vegetables and more meaty food such as pieces of shrimp. They like to eat algae and will do best in an aquarium where they can graze on algae. If they can’t, they should be provided with a substitute. High quality marine food can give this fish all the nutrients it needs but I still recommend a more varied diet that includes live food as I believe it is better for the fish. Feed them 2-3 times a day.

Breeding Clarkii clownfish

This is one of the easiest clownfish species to breed and it can be bred in the same manner as other clown fish species. Read our article about clown fish breeding for more info on how to proceed. The fry are very small and need to be provided small food to survive.