Aquarium Articles

Aquarium decoration

Plant articles:
Algae - An introduction to Algae.
Choosing plants for your aquarium - An article about Choosing plants for your aquarium
Plant growth - An article about the different factors that affect plant growth.
Suitable plants for beginners - A guide to help beginners choose the best plants for their aquarium.
So You Want to Grow Plants in Your Aquarium! - none
Aquarium Plant Nutrition - none
Caring for plants - An introduction on how to best care for your plants.
Keeping Aquarium Plants By Someone Who Has been Lucky Keeping Aquarium Plants - none
Propagating plants - An introduction to propagating plants.
Setting Up a Planted Aquarium - none
ACORUS GRAMINEUS, form variegatus - none
Aponogeton crispus - none
Ceratopteris thalictroides - Watersprite - none
Cryptocoryne blassi - After keeping this crypt for several years, Ron re-potted and re-positioned it, which made it grow rapidly and reproduce
Echinodorus amazonicus - none
Echinodorus bleheri - none
Ferns and Anubias - None
Propagating Aponogeton crispus - A short article on propagating Aponogeton crispus
Riccia fluitans (Crystalwort) - This floating plant can be anchored to wood or rock to form a beautiful "lawn” and hide fry.
Rotalla macrandra - It can be a real showpiece with a little effort and care, if you can find it
Stargrass, Heteranthera zosterifolia - A detailed article about the care of this plant.
Vesicularia dubayana - Java Moss - keeping Vesicularia dubayana – Java moss

Betta Articles.
Betta - Information about Betta
Betta Anatomy - An introduction to Betta anatomy.
Betta Breeding - Information about Betta Breeding
BREEDING BETTAS - The breeding and raising of Siamese fighting fish.
Buying Betta Fish - An guide to buying healthy Bettas.
Feeding Bettas - A short describtion on how to best feed your bettas.

Catfish Articles
Albino Catfish - Information about Albino Catfish
Biggest Catfish ever caught - Information about which is the Biggest Catfish ever caught
Blue Catfish - Information about Blue Catfish
Channel Catfish - Information about Channel Catfish
Flathead Catfish - Information about Flathead Catfish
Giant Mekong Catfish - Information about Giant Mekong Catfish
Huge Catfish - Information about Huge Catfish
Monster Catfish - Information about Monster Catfish
A couple more catfish. - Secrets to the successful spawning of Corydoras, Brochis or Aspidoras catfish
Breeding Corydoras davidsandsi - Allan had trouble breeding these fish at first, but drastic methods resulted in success.
Breeding Corydoras elegans - This is the type species of the Elegans group, which includes most of the dwarf Corydoras
Breeding Corydoras gossei - Breeding this fairly new (described 1972) cory
Breeding Corydoras melanotaenia - Mark kept daily notes of his experiments in breeding this fish. He indicates which method worked best.
Breeding Corydoras nattereri - Guide to breeding Corydoras nattereri
Breeding Corydoras xinguensis - Mark was the first to breed this species, using wild caught specimens. He provides detailed notes of his procedures.
Breeding the Panda Cat, Corydoras panda - A planted tank, a variety of foods, and water changes resulted in success. These corys produce only a few eggs.
Little Yellow Catfish With Spots?? - An article about Centromachlus prugiae.
Spawning Synodontis multipunctatus - S. multipunctatus are known as "cuckoo catfish" because of the way they breed.
The Fifth Time's the Charm. Breeding Corydoras barbatus - An account of Toms experiences with the fish.
Breeding Bristlenose catfish - Ancistrus species - How to breed Ancistrus
Breeding Whiptails - Rineloricaria hasemani and Rineloricaria microleptogaster. Graham finds these catfish easy to keep adn breed
Spawning Bristlenose Plecostamus (Ancistrus dolichopterus) - After months of inactivity, Twyla's Bristlenose Plecostamus finally decided to breed, and the eggs hatched
The Elusive Jaguar - Liosomodoras oncinus - A detailed description of this beautiful but rarely seen catfish.
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish - Information about Tiger Shovelnose Catfish.

Cichlid Articles:
African Cichlids and Plants - An introduction to cichlids and plants from different parts of africa.
An introduction to cichlids - A short beginner introduction to cichlids.
Blood Parrot Cichlid - Information about Blood Parrot Cichlid
Flowerhorn Breeding - Information about Flowerhorn Breeding
Flowerhorn cichlids - Information about Flowerhorn cichlids
How buy healthy cichlids - An article about how to nuy healthy cichlids
The Evolution of Cichlids - The Evolution of Cichlids
The Trouble With Hybrids - A view on hybrids
Your First cichlid aquarium - Advice on your First cichlid aquarium
Breeding Thorichthys aureum - Blue aureums
Cichlids of the New World - Part III -- Cichlids of North America (and Some Close Relatives) - Part 3 Dean points out that Central America and the Caribbean Islands are in fact part of North America.
Convict cichlids - Information about Convict scichlid
Husbandry Of Parachromis motaguensis - Breeding behavior of Parachromis motaguensis
Jack Dempsey Cichlids - Information about all aspects of Jack Dempsey Cichlids, their care and breeding.
Jaguar Cichlids - Information about all aspects of Jaguar Cichlids, their care and breeding.
Old Blue Eyes: Spawning Archocentrus spilurum - Commonly called the Blue-eyed Cichlid. Their first spawning came as a surprise for Wayne.
Parachromis managuense - Jaguar Cichlid - Keeping and breeding Parachromis managuense - Jaguar Cichlid
Red Devil Cichlids - Information about all aspects of Red devil Cichlids, their care and breeding.
Unusual breeding behaviour in wild caught A. Sajica - Some unusual observations when breeding A sajica
Aquarium Husbandry of the Christmas Fulu, Haplochromis (Xystichromis) phytophagus - This Lake Victoria haplochromine is easy to keep, feed and breed, but is endangered in the wild.
Breeding Astatotilapia nubila - : This Lake Victoria haplochromine cichlid has an aggressive temperament and is recommended for more experienced keepers
Breeding Lake Victoria Cichlids - Information about Breeding Lake Victoria Cichlids
Keeping Lake Victoria Cichlids - Information about Keeping Lake Victoria Cichlids
Lake Victoria - Information about Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria problems - Information about Lake Victoria problems
Nile perch - Information about Nile perch
The Plight of the Lake Victoria Cichlids - Why native cichlid populations, tragically, are dwindling rapidly in Lake Victoria.
Altum Angelfish - Information about Altum Angelfish
Angelfish / Scalare history - Information about Angelfish / Scalare history
Breeding Hypselecara temporalis. In France They Call Them - Ignatius kept these fish for two years until they grew large and spawned.
Breeding Parachromis - Information about Breeding Parachromis
Breeeding Oscar Fish - Breeding oscars
Cichla - A short introduction to Cichla cichlids
Cichla Breeding - A short introduction to breeding Cichla cichlids
Cichlids of the New World - An Unexpected Acara and Part II -- - Part 2 of the series.
Cichlids of the New World - Intro & Part 1 - Acaras. - articles series outlining the cichlids of the New World
Cichlids of the New World Part IV - Geophagines - Part 4 The Eartheaters, Apistogramma species, Rams.
Cichlids of the New World Part V -- Miscellaneous Genera and conclusions - Part 5 of Cichlids of the New World
Crenicichla - Information about Crenicichla
Crenicichla Breeding - Information about Crenicichla Breeding
Crenicichla sp. "Pacaya" - Don describes how he bred them, and points out that many new small pike cichlids are now being imported.
Crenicichla Types - Information about Crenicichla Types
Feeding Pike Cichlids - A guide on how to best feed your Pike cichlids - Crenicichla -
Green terror Cichlids - Information about all aspects of green terror cichlids, their care and breeding.
Introduction to Pike Cichlids - An introduction to pike cichlids and their care.
Keeping Angelfish / Scalare - Information about Keeping Angelfish / Scalare
Keeping Parachromis in aquariums - Information about Keeping Parachromis in aquariums
Neo-Tropical Dwarf Cichlid Husbandry - A general introduction to keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids.
Oscar cichlids - A short introduction to oscar cichlids
Spangled Pike Cichlids of the Saxatilis Group - none
Spawning Dicrossus maculatus - The spade-tail checkerboard cichlid is seldom seen and is difficult to breed.
The Spotted Demonfish, Satanoperca daemon - An account of a successful breeding of this demanding species.
Breeding Symphosodon discus - Preparation, water changes, spawning, raising the young, culling.
My Experiences with Discus. Part 1 - Their Selection and Keeping - Why discus? Possible problems. Selection and purchase. Keeping and raising them.
My Experiences with Discus. Part 2 - Breeding, Diseases and Medication - Breeding discus. Raising the fry. Diseases and parasites,
The breeding of Discus - Tips for beginning discus breeders
Aulonocara - Information about Aulonocara
Breeding Aulonocara - Information about Breeding Aulonocara
Breeding the Sulphur-Crested Lithobate: Otopharynx lithobates - A detailed article about breeding this Lake Malawi mouthbrooder, together with some useful general tips.
Haplochromis - Information about Haplochromis
Home-made Rocks for the Mbuna Aquarium - A guide to help you mad home made rocks for your Mbuna aquarium.
Keeping Pseudotropheus - Information about Keeping Pseudotropheus
Malawi Cichlids - Information about Malawi Cichlids
Pseudotropheus - Information about Pseudotropheus
Pseudotropheus Breeding - Information about Pseudotropheus Breeding
Pseudotropheus introduction - Basic information about Pseudotropheus cichlids from lake Malawi.
A Few Bits & Pieces on the Fairy Cichlid - Neolamprologus brichardi - keeping Neolamprologus brichardi
Breeding Julidochromis - Information about Breeding Julidochromis
Care and Breeding of Telmatochromis bifrenatus - Care and Breeding of Telmatochromis bifrenatus
Cavity brooders - Information about Cavity brooders
Julidochromis - Information about Julidochromis
Keeping and Spawning Cyprichromis leptosoma - This Lake Tankanyika cichlid needs hard alkaline water, and is a surface spawning mouthbrooder.
Lake Tanganyika and its Diverse Cichlids - An award-winning detailed article about this "cichlid paradise."
Lake Tanganyika and the Tanganyika cichlids - Information about Lake Tanganyika and the Tanganyika cichlids
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids - There are three biotopes: Open Water, Rocky, and Shell Beds. Each attracts a different fish, which are kept diffrently
Mouth brooders - Information about Mouth brooders
Shell Dwellers - Information about Shell Dwellers
Spawning Aulonocranus dewindti 'Ikola Honey Strain' - Michael's experiences in keeping and breeding this Lake Tanganyikan mouthbrooder.
Success At Last - Breeding Cyphotilapia frontosa - Breeding Cyphotilapia frontosa
Tanganyika Cichlids - Information about Tanganyika Cichlids
Tropheus brichardi 'Mpimbwe' - How to keep and breed this beatiful fish.
Tropheus duboisi 'Maswa' (?) - Mike describes how he keeps and breeds these fish. Includes a series of six photos.
Tropheus moorii - My Experiences - Keepin and breeding Tropheus.
Tropheus sp. - Marshall was told that this is a very demanding fish. He found otherwise.
Tropheus sp. Black - After some false starts Ronald was able to breed and raise this LakeTanganyika cichlid.
Apistogramma panduro - Keeping and breeding Apistogramma panduro
Apistogramma sp. Maulbrüter - The Mouthbrooding Apistogramma - This newly available fish is a delayed mouthbrooder, mouthbrooding the fry rather than the eggs.
Apistogrammas My Way - Setting up the tank. The spawning. Reverse osmosis water. New species.
Breeding Apistogramma njesseni - Breeding Apistogramma njesseni
Breeding the African Butterfly Cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi - This small riverine cichlid from West Africa is easy to breed and raise, even in a community setting.
Dicrossus filamentosa. My trauma in their care and breeding - Don's checkerboard cichlids spawned readily, but he had to take drastic measures to raise the young.
Dwarf Crenicichla - Information about Dwarf Crenicichla
Dwarf Pike Cichlids - how to keep and breed dwarf pike cichlids
KEEPING AND BREEDING Microgeophagus altispinosa (The Bolivian Ram) - The Bolivian Ram was one of the first fish Rich bred.
Keeping and Breeding Taeniacara candidi - Rick found this dwarf cichlid a challenge to breed and raise.
The Genus Apistogramma (Experiences in Care and Breeding) - Rich finds apistos easy to care for and their breeding behavior entertaining.
Jewel cichlid - Information about Jewel cichlid
Jeweled cichlids - Information about Jeweled cichlids
Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Nigeria green" - From Delta Tale, Vol. 32, #2, Potomac Valley Aquarium Society
Spawning Stomatepia pindu - This mouthbrooding cichlid comes from a crater lake in Cameroon, West Africa.

Coral Articles:
Aquarium coral - An introduction to aquarium coral.
Black Coral - Information about Black Coral
Fiji live rock - An article about Fiji live rock and its origin.
Growing and Propagating Reef Corals - An article about how to Grow and Propagate Reef Corals
Leather corals - Information about Leather corals

Fish breding articles:
Breeding Angelfish - Information about Breeding Angelfish
Breeding Bristlenosed Catfish - A short introduction to breeding Bristlenosed catfish
Breeding Discus - An introduction to breeding Discus.
Breeding Goldfish - An introduction to breeding goldfish
Breeding Mbuna Cichlids - An introduction to breeding Mbuna Cichlids
Breeding Oscar Fish - Introduction on how to breed Oscar fish.
Breeding Tiger Barbs - An introduction to breeding tigerbarbs.
Breeding/Rearing Aquarium Tanks - How to setup a good aquarium to raise fry in.
Choosing the parents - An introduction to choosing the right fish for breeding.
Condition the parents - An introduction about how to condition fish for breeding.
Equipment and breeding fish - An introduction to equipment and how to manage a breeding tank.
Failed breedings - An article about failed breedings and how one can prevent the same thing from happening again.
Feeding Fry - An article about how to feed your fry.
Fish Spawning Methods - A introduction to the different spawning methods that are used by fish.
Koi Breeding - An introduction to breeding Koi fish.
Raising fry - An article about how to raise fry.
Spawning Methods - An introduction to the different spawning methods that fish use.
Tips for effective breeding - A few tips on how to successfully breed and raise fish.

Fish Disease:
Buying Healthy fish - An article about how to avoid diseases by uying healthy fish
Common fish diseases. - An introduction to the more common fish diseases your fish might get.
Danger Signs With Your Fishes - How to recognise the the existence of ill health in a fish:
Fish Necropsy - How to examine dead fish for evidence of external parasites or internal problems.
Fish Tuberculosis - Causes and symptoms of fish TB. Mycobacterium marinum. Possible treatment. There is some danger to humans when servicing
Ich: An Old Cure for an Old Disease - Natural methods to cure ich
Parasites and Similar Problem Organisms - Various fish parasites, some normally free-swimming organisms, and various species of algae can become a problem.
Preventing diseases - An article about how you can prevent diseases among your fish.
Quarantine Aquarium - An introduction to Quarantine Aquariums.
Treating Fish - An introduction to the art of treating fish that suffers from a disease.
Argulus - Summaryof the fish disease argulus
Treat Argulus - Summary of treating fish disease argulus
Treating White Spot Disease - Symptoms of Ich, its life cycle, and treatments using either malachite green or aquarium salt.

Frogs And Turtles:
African Dwarf Frog - A basic article about African Dwarf Frogs
Claw Frog - A basic article about Claw Frogs
Red-eared sliders - A basic article about Red-eared slider turtles
Turtle aquarium - A guide on how to setup a suitable turtle aquarium

General Aquarium Articles:
Aquarium Cycling - A guide on how to cycle your aquarium.
Aquarium Lighting Is Important For The Health Of Your Tank - Learn the basics of aquarium lighting
Breeding Fish - Overview of How To Breed Tropical Fish
Cleaning your filter - Basic filter management
Don’t trust the staff in the fish store! - An text about why you shouldn't alway trust your fish store.
Dry and Rainy Seasons in the Tank - A detailed account of how to simulate seasons in aquariums
Electrical Safety and Aquariums - How to prevent electrical accidents.
Energy is finite - especially with fry - Thoughts on growth and circulation in fry.
Essence & Essentials of Your First Aquarium - An introduction for beginners.
Filtration, the Cleaning Machine and other Random Thoughts - Ian lists and describes the different methods of aquarium filtration, and then discusses his experiences with them.
Finding the Triggers - Bart tells of his experiments in breeding zebra danios, bettas and golden severums.
Fry Savers - Bill had nowhere to put fry, so he connected a 20 litre pail to their tank, and circulated the tank's water through it.
How to Buy Healthy Fish - A gew tips on choosing healthy fish.
Modifying Water Chemistry - A technical article about modifying hardness, alkalinity and pH.
On Optimizing Growth of Fishes - The factors affecting fish growth - some may be manipulated, others not.
Pat's Basic Guide to a Successful Freshwater Aquarium - This guide covers many topics and contains many tips from Pat's extensive personal knowledge.
Reverse Osmosis and How I Use It - RO is a way to get very pure water in which fish such as Apistogrammas can breed and raise their fry.
Rock and Wood in Aquascaping - How to test for toxicity. Sources. Aesthetics of aquascaping.
Selecting Community Tank Fishes, For Dummies - Grant gives ten examples of display aquarium set-ups based on tank size and experience level.
Setting Up A New Aquarium - Help beginners setup their first aquarium
Snails: Friend or Foe in the Aquarium? - The biology of snails. Their advantages and disadvantages in an aquarium. How to keep them in check.
The Amazon Biotope Aquarium - How to set-up, stock and maintain an aquarium that replicates the Amazon watershed.
Wall mounted aquariums - Information about Wall mounted aquariums
Water Chemistry, For Dummies - Hardness, alkalinity and pH are discussed technically, from a chemistry point of view.
Water Chillers - Introdutcion to Water Chillers

Goby articles:
Breeding Tateurndina ocellicauda by Don Maloney - An account of Don Maloneys experience breeding Tateurndina ocellicauda
Breeding Tateurndina ocellicauda by Ed Katuska - An account of Ed Katuskas experience breeding Tateurndina ocellicauda
Breeding the Bumblebee Goby - Brachygobius nunus - Keeping and breeding Bumblebee Goby
Dragon Goby - An Introduction to Dragon Gobies.
Mandarin Goby - An Introduction to the Mandarin goby
Mogurnda mogurnda - The Most Popular Australian Goby - How to keep and breed a small fish found in northern Australia and in New Guinea.
Round Goby - An Introduction to the Round Goby

Goldfish articles:
Baby Goldfish - Information about how to get your Goldfish to spawn, baby Goldfish and how to raise baby Goldfish
Black Moor Goldfish - Information on Black Moor Goldfish
Breeding Koi - A guide to breeding Koi carps.
Bubble Eye Goldfish - Information on Bubble Eye Goldfish
Butterfly Koi - An introduction to Butterfly Koi
Comets goldfish - Information on Comets goldfish
Disco goldfish shoes - Information about Disco goldfish shoes
Egg Goldfish - Information on Egg Goldfish
Fancy goldfish - Information on Fancy goldfish
Fantail goldfish - Information on Fantail goldfish
Feeder Goldfish - An introduction to feeder Goldfish and the use of feeder Goldfish.
Goldfish - An Goldfish article for beginners.
Goldfish Breeding - An introduction to breeding goldfish
Goldfish screensavers - A guide to Goldfish screensavers.
Jikins Goldfish - Information on Jikins Goldfish
Koi - An introduction to Koi goldfish which isn't really goldfish.
Lionhead Goldfish - Information on Lionhead Goldfish
Oranda goldfish - Information on Oranda goldfish
Pearlscale Goldfish - Information on Pearlscale Goldfish
Ranchu Goldfish - Information on Ranchu Goldfish
Ryukin Goldfish - Information on Ryukin Goldfish
Shubunkin Goldfish - Information on Shubunkin Goldfish
Telescope Goldfish - Information on Telescope Goldfish
Types of Goldfish - Information on different types of goldfish
Veiltail Goldfish - Information on Veiltail Goldfish
Wakin Goldfish - Information on Wakin Goldfish

Gourami articles:
Breeding Gouramis - How to breed a few gourami species.
Breeding the Pearl Gourami - Trichogaster leeri - Heather recommends this fish for beginning breeders. Special tank set-up. Raising the fry.
Chocolate Gourami Breeding. - Chocolate gouramis Sphaerichthys osphromenoi are mouthbrooders. They can be spawned in a group aquarium or as a couple.
Gourami - Information about Gourami
Gourami Breeding - Information about Gourami Breeding

Invertebrates Articles:
Amano shrimp - Information about Amano shrimp
Aquarium crabs - A guide to aquarium crabs
Black Mystery Snail - An introduction to the Black Mystery Snail
Breeding Crayfish - basics too crayfish breeding
Breeding of Red Clawed Mangrove Crabs - How to breed red clawed crabs
Freshwater shrimp - Information about Freshwater shrimp
Ghost shrimp - Information about Ghost shrimp
Red clawed lobsters - A short overview of red claw lobsters (crayfish)

Jellyfish Articles:
Box jellyfish aka Sea wasp - information about Moon jellyfish aka sea wasp
Cannonball Jellyfish - information about Cannonball Jellyfish
Erenna Jelly Fish - information about Erenna Jelly Fish
Freshwater Jellyfish - Information about freshwater Jellyfish
Jelly fish Aquarium - An article about jellyfish and the keeping of jellyfish in aquariums.
Jellyfish Facts - A few facts about jellyfish
Moon jellyfish - information about Moon jellyfish

Killifish Articles:
Aphyosemion - Information about Aphyosemion
Breeding Clown Killies. Epiplatys annulatus - Curt found it best to simply leave these fish alone in a tank with lots of Java moss.
Breeding Fundulopanchax gardneri Jos Plateau - Ken found this mop-spawning killifish easy to breed and raise in large numbers
Breeding Rivulus hartii - the Giant Rivulus - This killifish proved easy to breed and raise.
Breeding the Blue Gularis, Aphyosemion sjoestedti - Ralph has used different methods to breed this killifish. Trading in the young is a profitable venture.
Cynolebias - Information about Cynolebias
Epiplatys - Information about Epiplatys
How to Make a Spawning Mop - Detailed photographic instructions.
Killiefish - Information about Killiefish
Killies - The Plant Spawners - The permanent and the mop methods of spawning. Incubation methods raising the fry.
Nothobranchius - Information about Nothobranchius
Shipping Killifish and Eggs. - A detailed article. Conditioning the fish. The water, bagging, containers. Carriers, receiving.
South American Killies - Cynolebias: True annual killifish that require slightly different treatment than Nothobranchius.
Spawning Cynolebias constanciae - Charles' description of breeding this fish could apply equally well to other peat spawning annual killies.
Triggers - Triggers for killifish to breed and what you can do to convince those in your tanks that they should hatch.
What the heck are "Killie Mops?" - How to make and use these devices where killifish and other plant spawners can lay their adhesive eggs.
Why are Killifish Names so Long and Complicated? - An explaination.

Livebearer articles:
A Swordtail Breeding Program - none
Alfaro huberi - A slightly less common livebearer - How to keep Alfaro huberi
Artificial Insemination of Fancy Livebearers - Matt explains why new experiments in artificial insemination can be the most practical way to breed certain livebearers
Breeding the Guppy - Poecilia reticulata - There is more to breeding guppies than is commonly thought. Selective breeding. Line breeding. Culling.
Breeding the Not-so-Common Guppy - A beginners' guide to the selective breeding of guppies
Guppy Livebearers - Information about Guppy Livebearers
Molly Livebearers - Information about Molly Livebearers
Platy Livebearers - Information about Platy Livebearers
Swordtail Livebearers - Information about Swordtail Livebearers
The Secrets of Raising Show Quality Black Swordtails - How to use basic genetics in order to selectively breed the ultimate swordtail.

Marine aquarium articles:
Black Dogface Puffer - Information about Black Dogface Puffer
Bowfin fish - An introduction to living fossils know as Bowfin fish
Boxfish - Information about Boxfish
Crocodile needlefish - An introduction to Crocodile needlefish
Dogface puffer - Information about Dogface puffer
Hogfish - Information about Hogfish
Lionfish - An introduction to lionfish.
Marine Betta - Information about Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis)
Moray eels - An article about how to keep moray eels in aquariums.
Octopus aquarium - How to keep and perhaps even breed Octupus in an aquarium.
Pipefish - An introduction to pipefish
Saltwater aquarium fish - An introduction to marine aquarium. fish for beginners.
Sea horses in Aquarium - An article about how to keep sea horses in aquariums.
Sea star facts - Intersting and fun acts about sea stars such as the fact that they are in no way related to fish.
Black clown fish - Information about Black clown fish
Breeding Clownfish – A short description - A very brief describtion on how to breed clownfish
Percula Clownfish - An article about how to keep and breed Percula breeding.
Tomato Clownfish - An in deepth article about tomato clownfish
Marine aquariums: Ammonia - an introduction to Ammonia in marine aquariums.
Marine aquariums: Nitrates - an introduction to Nitrates in marine aquariums.
Marine Aquariums: pH and Alkalinity - Introduction to pH and Alkalinity in marine aquariums.
Nudibranch - An introduction to Nudibranchs
Protein skimmers - An introduction to protein skimmers and their importance in marine aquariums.
Saltwater aquarium setup - An introduction to marine aquariums for beginners.
Sea Stars - An introduction to Sea Stars.
Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium - A article about Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium for beginners

Other fish articles:
And one day there where fry; spawning Chinese algae-eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) - An account of an accidental spawning
Breeding Chapalichthys pardalis - These goodeids are easy to breed, and they leave their young alone.
Breeding Ember Barbs. Barbus melanampyx - They recount their experiences breeding these barbs 3 times, with slightly different results each time.
Breeding the Sailfin Goodeid - Girardinichthis viviparous - How to breed this seldom seen and difficult fish.
Clown Loaches - how to keep, breed and feed clown loaches
Coelacanths - A comprehensive overview of Coelacanths - The fish time forgot.
Fire Eels - Information about keeping and breeding fire eels
Minnows - An article about the group of fish called Minnows
My Experiences with Swordtail Characins - Corynopoma riisei. And how to breed them.
Peacock Eels - An introduction to Peacock eels
Rainbowfish - An introduction to Rainbowfish
Rainbowfish Problems? - Read This - Dave points out that diet is the most important factor in keeping them healthy.
Red Belly Pacu - Information about Red Belly Pacu
Red tail sharks and their native home - An article about keeping Red tail sharks in aquariums and about their native home.
Sand Loaches, They Breed by Themselves. - Breeding an inexpensive but uncommon loach, Acanthocobitis uropthalmus.
Scatophagus argus - How long can you keep them? - How to treat their water, acclimatise them to fresh water, and feed them.
Spawning Hemigrammus pulcher - The "Pretty" or "Garnet" Tetra breeds readily in soft acidic water.
Spawning Rosy Barbs - Rosy barbs are easy to spawn, and no problems raising the fry.
Spawning the Blue-Eye Rainbows - Breeding and raising the Australian Rainbow fish, Pseudomugil gertrudae and Pseudomugil signifer.
Those Bold and Beautiful Barbs - Terry recommends barbs for their beauty, compatibility with plants, and interesting behaviour.
Arowana fish - An article about Arowana fish
Asian Arowana - An article about the asian arowana
Silver Arowana - An article about Silver Arowana
Alligator Gar - An article about Alligator gars in the wild, and some of the treats to the alligator gar population.
Arapaima fish - An introduction to Arapaima fish, also know as pirarucu
Asian Snakehead Fish - An introduction to Asian Snakehead fish
Bichirs - Information about Bichirs
Black piranha - Information about the Black piranha
Breeding Bichirs - Information about Breeding Bichirs
Breeding Piranhas - a short review - a short review
Channa aka frankenfish - Information about Channa aka frankenfish
Channa bleheri / The Rainbow snakehead - Channa bleheri.
Datnoids - Information about Datnoids, also known as dats and siamese tigers
Environmental effects of Snakeheads - Information about the Environmental effects of Snakeheads
Freshwater Moray eels - keeping freshwater Moray eels
Freshwater Pufferfish - Information about different species of freshwater pufferfish
Freshwater Sawfish - An introduction to freshwater swordfish and their present endangered status.
Keeping Gars - A short review - Basic Gar trivia
Keeping Pirhana fish in aquarium - Information about Keeping Pirhana fish in aquarium
Keeping Snakeheads in Aquariums - Information about Keeping Snakeheads in Aquariums
Lung fish - Information about Lung fish
Needlefish - An introduction to Needlefish
Payara – Vampire Fish - Information about Payara – Vampire Fish
Piranha keeping for Beginners - Different species of Pygocentrus and Serrasalmus are commonly kept. Their characteristics, tank and living requirements,
Pirhana - Information about Pirhanas
Porcupine puffer fish - An introduction to Porcupine puffer fish
Pufferfish - An introduction to Pufferfish.
Snakehead fishing - Information about Snakehead fishing
Snakeheads - Information about Snakeheads
Toadfish - An introduction to Toadfish

Let There Be Light - An article on the importence of the right lighting.
Techniques for Aquarium Photography - Technics to improve your skills as a fish photographer
How to Buy a Digital Camera - Gudie to buying a digital camera that suits your needs.

Pond Articles:
Garden ponds - An introduction to garden ponds and their maintanance
Goldfish Pond - An article about how to keep a Goldfish pond
Koi pond - An introduction to Koi ponds and their maintanance
Pond filter - An introduction to pond filters and pond filtration.
Pond fish - An introduction to suitable pond fish.
Pond fountain - An introduction to pond fountains
Pond plants - An introduction to pond plants
Pond waterfall - An introduction to pond waterfalls and how to build them.
Turtle pond - An introduction to Turtle Ponds

Invasive fish species - An introduction to the problem with introduced species and the damage the cause.
Painted fish - An overview over the practice of injection fish with dye to create new

Shark articles:
Bala shark - Information about Bala Sharks
Blue shark - Information about Blue shark
Bronze Whaler Shark - Information about Bronze Whaler Sharks
Bull shark - Information about Bull shark
Freshwater sharks - Information about Freshwater sharks
Goblin Shark - Information about Goblin Shark
Great white shark - Information about Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias
Hammerhead shark - Information about Hammerhead shark
Home Aquarium Feshwater Sharks - Information about Feshwater Sharks for Home Aquariums
Mako shark - Information about Mako shark
Nurse Shark - Information about Nurse Shark
Pet Sharks - Information about Pet Sharks
Reef sharks - Information about Reef sharks
Sand Sharks - An introduction to the species of sharks know as sand sharks.
Tiger Shark - Information about Tiger Shark
Types of freshwater sharks - Information about Types of freshwater sharks

Fish taxonomy and Scientific Classification - A short introduction to taxonomy: its importance and its development.

An Excess Of Astyanax - Breeding Astyanax bimaculatus
Breeding the Black Tetra - Breeding notes for Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Cardinal tetra - An introduction to Cardinal teras - Paracheirodon axelrodi.
Congo tetra - An introduction to Congo tetra - Micralestes interruptus.
Neon Tetra - An introduction to Neon tetras
Serpae tetra - An introduction to the Serpae tetra.

Fish Food:
Brine Shrimp Hatchery - How to make a simple plastic bottle brine shrimp hatchery, in pictures.
Choosing food for and Feeding Fry - An introduction to feeding fry.
Cultivation of some common live food - A guide about how you can cultivate some common types of live food in your home.
Culturing Microworms - An article on this useful live food for fry and small fish.
Feeding fish - An article about feeding fish and which factors that stimulate fish to eat.
Fish feeding habits - An introduction to the different feeding habitats different types of fish have.
Fish Food, for Dummies - A comprehensive discussion of fish foods.
Growing adult Brine shrimp - how to grow adult Brine shrimp
Microworms - Microworms are easy to cultivate and are excellent live food for small fish or growing fry.
Raising and Growing Large Brine Shrimp - How to build a brine shrimp hatchery, and how to feed and grow the shrimps.
Raising Daphnia - How to culture and use daphnia.
Raising mealworms for animal food - Yellow mealworm larvae or adults serve as food for fish, reptiles, birds and other animals
Raising Vinegar Eels - How to culture this easy and inexpensive live food.
The Ideal Worm Culture - Grindal worms and red worms can be cultured in one container together, thus providing live food for different sizes fish
Tropical fish food - An introduction to fish food for beginners.
Types of fish food - A guide to the basic types of fish food available.
Understanding feeding and digestion in fish - Introduction to the digestive system in fish.
Veggies for Your Fish - Fresh cooked high fibre vegetables benefit the digestive systems of many fish.
Wingless Fruit Flies - breed Wingless Fruit Flies