My attempts to get a good grip on how WordPress themes works continues and below you download my second free WordPress theme. Hopefully someone will like it and want to but it on their blog. The theme has 3 widget ready columns, has gravatar support and is fully compatible with WordPress 2.6. The theme has a search box and bio box that is unaffected by the use of widgets. Below you can see a picture of this green theme.

funky New green theme

Official description: A clean simple SEO optimized 3 column green theme. The theme has two widget ready sidebars and gravatar support. Features a bio box that can be edited independently of the side bars. Theme is fully compatible with WordPress 2.6.

Tags: valid CSS, white, green, black, 3 columns, 3 column, three column, three columns, fixed width, widget, widget ready, simple, right sidebar, left sidebar, valid CSS bio box, gravatar support, gravatar, minimalistic, funky,

You can download this theme here