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Wall mounted aquariums

Wall mounted aquariums are aquariums that are mounted into the wall so that they look like a painting or a plasma screen. Another less popular name for wall mounted aquariums is in fact plasma aquariums. The aquariums are usually accessible from the room behind the wall it is mounted into to allow for easy aquarium maintenance. Another common setup is that the entire aquarium is in the wall and there is a hidden door above the aquarium to allow access for maintenance.

Wall mounted aquariums can have several advantages in comparison to regular aquariums. One of these advantages is that wall mounted aquariums doesn’t take up any floor space. This fact allows you to decorate the rest of the room more freely. A wall mounted aquarium also gives a more exclusive impression. There is however a few negative sides surrounding this type of aquariums. One negative factor is the fact that wall mounted aquariums are considerable more expensive than a regular aquariums. Another is that wall mounted aquarium can be a little harder to clean if not enough consideration are made to allow for good access to the aquarium.

A wall mounted aquarium can be designed to fit into a large number of different decoration styles depending on which type of aquariums and frame that are used. A wall mounted saltwater aquarium will for example give a room a totally different style than a planted freshwater aquarium.

There are two main types of wall mounted aquariums. The true wall mounted aquarium that is built into a wall and the type where a fake wall is used to house an aquarium within a room. This type of aquarium is often used for example to divide a room into different sections. The wall surrounding this kind of aquarium is often in reality furniture with hidden doors to different storage compartments.

So how do you get a wall mounted aquarium? There are a number of companies that are more or less specialized in making wall mounted aquariums and custom decoration solutions. These companies take care of all aspects on installing the wall mounted aquariums in your home including installing the electronics and hiding all the cables etc. This alternative can however be a little expensive and you can do most of the work yourself if you are somewhat handy.

Make sure that you make the aquarium furniture strong enough to hold for the weight of the aquarium if you decide to build your own wall mounted aquarium.


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