Light Requirements for plants

Light Requirements for plants

By: Dave66

(adapted from forum post)

Here are 10 commonly available plant species based on light levels. All light should be full spectrum, as remember, you're simulating sunlight.

HIGH LIGHT (4+ watts per gallon)

Alternathia reineckii
Ammania gracilus
Cabomba sp.
(all species)
Glossostigma elatinoides
Elocharis sp.
Didiplis diandra
(all species)
Rotala macranda and wallichii
Limnophila sp.
(all species)
Nymphaea and Nymphoides (water lilies, lotus)

MEDIUM LIGHT (2-3 wpg)

Aponogeton sp. (all species)
Bacopa caroliniana
Bacopa monnieri
Barclaya longifolia
Crinum natans
(both forms)
C. thaianum
Cryptocoryne balansae
C. beckettii

C. cilata, undulata, wendtii, willisii
Echinodorus sp.
(all species)

LOW LIGHT(1 to 2 wpg)

Anubis sp. (both common sp.)
Ceratopyllum demersen
Vallisneria sp.
(all species)
Egeria densa
Vesicula dubyana
Fontinalis antipyretica
Microsorium pteropus
Cryptocoryne affinis
C. lutea
C. walkerii
Lemna minor

There are several plants that are what I call 'tweeners', that is, they can be kept in low to high light. Riccia fluitans is an example. Floating, it can thrive in low to medium light, but can be secured to rocks, driftwood only in bright light. The Sagittaria clan will grow in any light, low to high. All the floating plants do well in nearly any light, especially the last low light plant; duckweed :) Also, the Hygrophilas are usually happy from medium to high.


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