Propagating Aponogeton crispus

Propagating Aponogeton crispus

Aponogeton crispus is a beautiful plant that can become a showpiece in any aquarium and are not to hard to propagate. If you have a flowering Aponogeton crispus, you can use the seeds to propagate it. Unlike several related species, Aponogeton crispus is actually quite prone to flowering in aquariums.

To get Aponogeton crispus to flower you just need to meet its basic requirements when it comes to light, carbon dioxide and nutrition, and the rest will more or less take care of it self.  When seeds have formed, simply nip them off the flower and leave them in a dark, dry place outside the aquarium for 7 days.

The next step is to expose them to quite strong light and wait for them to start growing. When you see shoots, plant them in pots filled with one part peat moss and two parts water. When your Aponogeton crispus plants have formed a few leaves you can move the pots to your aquarium. Fluorescent lighting is recommended. Some people skip the 7 day drying-stage and plant the seeds in peat moss and water directly.


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