Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus is commonly known as Japanese Rush and exists in two different forms: the variegated and the non-variegated.

Keeping Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus is a bog plant, not an aquatic plant. It should therefore only be kept in open aquariums where it can grow up above the surface. Completely submerging this plant will eventually kill it and dead plant matter will start to pollute the water. As long as you treat Acorus gramineus as a bog plant, it can thrive for many years in the aquarium.

Planting Acorus gramineus

As mentioned above, a part of the Acorus gramineus must be left above the surface when you plant it. As the plant grows large and large, you can move it further down. Really large plants can be planted directly in the substrate since they will reach all the way up and above the surface on their own. Smaller plants can be placed in pots on a corner shelf in the aquarium. You can also use a string to hang the pot high enough against the glass. Another third is to fill the aquarium part way, just like you would fill a paladarium. Aquarists really fond of bog plants often create another level inside the aquarium and plant their bog plants there.   

Acorus gramineus as a pond plant

Acorus gramineus can be used as a pond plant up to zone 4 in North America. They can actually survive the winter under the ice and start growing again in spring.

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